Temperature Records SHATTERED As Heat Wave Scorches Europe

Gingrich: Climate Change Is “A Bunch Of Lies”

“Go back and take everything that Al Gore put in his movie, go through it step-by-step — it’s all a bunch of lies, it didn’t happen, it’s not true.

“The human race is not on the edge of collective suicide unless it’s by nuclear war. But we’re certainly not on the edge of collective suicide because of climate.

“And I think the elites are so frenzied, they all go to the same cocktail parties, they all talk to each other, they all come to an agreement that they’re going to say this nonsense and going to reinforce each other.

“The truth is, it’s false. Just as, by the way, the same elites were lying to us about COVID.” – Newt Gingrich, last night on Laura Ingraham’s show.




5 thoughts on “Temperature Records SHATTERED As Heat Wave Scorches Europe

    1. Hello taurusingemini. The elected republicans are paid by big money donors to ignore and deny any climate change. The right wing media is paid by fossil fuel companies to deny and misinform while distracting the viewers, who then go online telling everyone that climate change is a hoax made up by the left. Ask them why it is so much hotter today in the summer and so much stormier in the winter and they say it is just normal weather because that is what their media told them. Ignorant people do not understand the very danger they are in. God wouldn’t do that to them, god loves his favorite humans that worship him, so again it is a hoax made up by the ungodly left. Hugs


  1. “The elites” ???

    It’s amazing, isn’t it, how someone like Gingrich, who is nothing more than a self-publicized congressperson, can make such informed and validated (?) statements related to the “non-existence” of global warming/climate change.

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    1. Hello Nan. He is a politician, totally bought and paid for sleaze. He is one of those whose paycheck requires him to deny reality. The weird thing is he has no real relevance anymore. He’s a 1999 has been. He has not been in political office in 23 years. But he still gets air time. Hugs

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