PetSmart Manager Stands Up To Anti-LGBTQ Troll

And this fellow viewers is what we are up against.   This passes as smart and witty for the radical right wing.   This is the result of the hate spewing from elected republicans.   They are driving this.   This must not be acceptable to do.  Thank you DeathSantis and other republican governors driving don’t say gay bills.   I don’t know how to stop him and those like him who are so sure they are in the right and can force everyone to do as they demand.   They have a right to make others act like they want them to, it is their freedom to tell you what to do and your freedom is to obey them.    After Putin pushed a law making any positive mention of gays in public illegal, thugs rounded up gay men or men thought to be gay and tortured them in horrible ways and dump them on the streets.   Now it is happening in the USA.    I am really fed up the last few days with this shit.   Hugs

Mediaite reports:

A total loser known for filming himself harassing retail employees was back on his bullshit by hectoring workers at a PetSmart.

The total loser filmed his encounter, in which he asks an employee – who is likely making the minimum wage or slightly above – about a pride flag decal displayed near a register.

“I’m just curious – what is that flag right there?” the demented dirtbag asks a cashier, knowing full well what it is. The talking pustule then claims the flag stands for “pedophilia” and demands, “Respect your customers.”

That’s all the setup you need. Just watch the first clip.

Schmidt, who has said he’s “hunting” LGBTQ rights supporters, recently said he’s also “bringing back Jew hunting” to celebrate “white history.”

Ethan Schmidt last appeared on JMG last month when he was arrested after menacing abortion rights protesters with an assault weapon.

Schmidt previously appeared on JMG when he harassed cancer patients at a wig store for wearing masks.

In January, he was banned from the Arizona Capitol after harassing a black lawmaker, saying that his mask was a “slave muzzle.”

In February, he earned national headlines when he berated store employees for selling Black History Month items.

Earlier this month he was detained after his group harassed abortion rights protesters and his accomplice was arrested for assault.

According to the Tucson Sentinel, Schmidt is currently awaiting trial for DUI. In a video posted to Reddit, Schmidt can be seen flaunting his ankle monitor.

QAnon Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has approvingly appeared in an earlier video by Schmidt.


Sam_Handwich • 37 minutes ago

And when he shoots up a store everyone will act perplexed.

Dazzer Sam_Handwich • 34 minutes ago

Given the brains he’s exhibited thus far, it’ll probably be a kevlar store.

Happy_Housewife • 32 minutes ago

Someone needs to ask him why Christians have such dirty minds.

Philly Mike 🐸 Happy_Housewife • 26 minutes ago

Religious people really have proven themselves to be child molesters and rapists and it is independently verified by centuries of testimony, lawsuits and settlements.

TampaZeke Philly Mike 🐸 • 17 minutes ago

Ask any law enforecment person or prosecuter what gay organization, event or subculture is behind the most child molestation arrests and 100% of the time theyll tell you that the #1 place children are groomed and molested is in churches!

zhera • 30 minutes ago

Time to restrict his movements. His ankle monitor should keep him indoors in his home at all times.

Kevin Andrews • 38 minutes ago

Good on the Store Manager.
Long past time these bigots are called out and treated like the scum of the Earth that they are.

clay • 30 minutes ago

“Shame on Petco,” says the dolt.

“This is PetSmart,” the employee tells the mouth-breathing maniac.

Longpole • 30 minutes ago

Awe, he was offended.
Bet he wasn’t offended when his Orange God visited a prostitute while his wife was home with taking care of their baby.

Longpole • 37 minutes ago

The store has every right to call the police in a case like this. Especially if the idiot refuses to leave.

worstcultever • 20 minutes ago

crewman • 34 minutes ago

These are bullies looking for an excuse to pretend to be virtue warriors. They need some kind of legal accountability that hits hard.

jk105 • 24 minutes ago

This bigoted dolt can film himself harassing employees inside a store, but people can’t peacefully demonstrate outside a restaurant where Brett Kavanaugh munches on his dinner.

Guestfornow • 25 minutes ago

I wish the manager would have said that if he wants to protest child rape and grooming, take it to a Christian church. But, the manager would have been fired. And, the Christian superpower of always claiming constant victimhood and persecution would have been sent into overdrive. Imagine the screams on the right and religious.

The first guy should have been more assertive and the policy should just be to automatically call the police.

I wrote on the last thread when a tweet was posted, that if the right claims companies are people, then companies can stand their ground. This, employees are able to stand their ground. Yes, it is a joke. They have garbage dumpsters. That is a ready made disposal.

3 thoughts on “PetSmart Manager Stands Up To Anti-LGBTQ Troll

    1. Hello Ten Bears. YES! Physically removed from the store. Every employee should be supported for pushing back yet they knew they had to be careful, or they would be fired. I am getting a lot of push back on Keith’s blog because I said I would be damned if I would let being a Nazi OK in this country. I have been accused of being intolerant, of promoting violence, of violating their civil rights. What? When the religious groups do that to the LGBTQ+ it is called their right, their religious freedom. When I say it is not OK to be a Nazi and I would work against it, I become the intolerant bigot. WTF? Hugs


      1. They’re good at turning it back in your face ~ when my computer career hit the skids the son-of-a-bitch had me so boxed out it was a thing of beauty ~ it’s why my particular tactic in all this is turn it back in their faces! I don’t like being an asshole, but someone has to do it.

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