3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about polio….

  1. His sadness to have to speak of this is evident. Measles has also returned which had been eradicated. Polio should not ever come back with our medicine. What will be next – people refusimg Rabbies vaccines after being bitten? Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. The danger of putting religion over science in education and leaving out the full facts of history. It let the idea of the horror’s parents went through if their child got polio or one of the many other viruses, we were so excited to be vaccinated against back in the 1960s. The lifelong consequence that were real before the vaccines, are now forgotten. Yes Beau has children, and he really takes being a father seriously, you can tell he loves his kids greatly. Hugs


      1. Thanks for sharing this. For those who decry the use of vaccines due to religion, my question has always been “how do you know if a vaccine or surgeon or medicine is not the miracle you have been praying for?” Keith

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