4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the people Trump doesn’t know….

  1. Scottie, he is on the money yet again. Trump may say he does not know them as a defense mechanism, but they sure know him. What you and I know, he pokes fun at his followers and even endangers them, but he does not know them.

    His most famous line is an insult and they have no clue. Paraphrasing, he could shoot some on 5th avenue and his followers would still vote for him. Think about that phrase.

    But, what was more telling is he had several pep rallies in February, 2020 while admitting later he knew the dangers of COVID on February 7. He put his most ardent followers in danger of exposure without telling them of such danger. But, he didn’t know them, so it just did not matter.


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    1. Hello Keith. His craving to be adored is one of his driving forces. As you say he doesn’t care about his followers, and it shows in the way his campaign crew ignores the needs of the crowds after a rally. Once tRump has gotten his fix from them loses any interest in the unwashed masses and in many rallies the after the rally situations have even led to hospitalizations of his followers. So exposing them to Covid wouldn’t even be a consideration for him. He put everyone with the parties he held for Kavanaugh and Barrett. Again it was all for his glory and he couldn’t care what happened to the people after. Even after Herman Cain died from covid at a rally trump’s cult kept showing at them, so it seems to be in his presence was more of a priority for them than their health. Hugs

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