House Reps To Get $10K Each For Home Security

What the fuck?   Can I get $10,000 for securing my home also?   Especially since the republicans are enraging their cult like base to hate the LGBTQ+.   Most of them are wealthy, some are very wealthy.   Most of them live in gated walled compounds with private security.   They have a private police force at work, but the public wonders if they will face a mass shooter at their job.    They couldn’t raise minimum wage for the workers, they couldn’t pass bills to lower the public’s costs for medications, they could help the people at all, but they can give themselves more money every time.   I am tired of the congress we have where they have disdain for the public they are supposed to be working for and yet think they are above all others.   Hugs

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Sergeant at Arms William Walker plans to offer lawmakers thousands of dollars to safeguard their homes at a time when a growing number of members have received threats.

Congressional members and staff were sent a letter announcing the residential security program, an initiative that will pay for up to $10,000 worth of expenses for security equipment such as cameras, video recorders, door locks, and motion sensors at representative’s personal residences.

The program is set to begin on Aug. 15 and will also cover fixed-rate monthly monitoring and maintenance fees up to $150 a month for members.

Read the full article.


SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

Drag queens that are targeted by these same members of Congress will receive what?

Longpole SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • an hour ago

They’re expendable,
in the minds of the GQP.

Todd20036 Longpole • an hour ago

As are all LBGTs

Melissia Todd20036 • an hour ago

Worse, we’re scapegoats. We ARE the target. Trans people and immigrants have had it the worst, but they were never going to stop there, and anyone who thought they would is a delusional assclown. Our rights, and even our very lives, aren’t safe. Already they’re looking for ways to overturn Lawrence and threaten us with jail unless we closet ourselves again.

Melissia • an hour ago

Meanwhile the average person is told to either place trust in the police, or buy a gun .

Melissia Melissia • an hour ago

Man it sure upset someone when people point out that congress is doing little to nothing to protect the average person but spending a great deal of money to protect thesmelves.

Boreal • an hour ago

The only threats that insurrectionist congressional traitors would ever face is from their own cult.

johnnybc • an hour ago

Right… Now we have to weat kevlar vests, bullet proof back packs and install safety glass in our windows instead of arresting threat makers or making firearms illegal.
It’s our own personal arms race.

Todd20036 • an hour ago

What’s amusing is most MAGAt congressmen will use the 10 grand for protection, but they’ll say it’s because of those filthy liberals, but really it’ll be because they didn’t tow the line 100% for trump

Jay Silversmith • an hour ago

Hey, I’m surrounded by redneck RW’s. I feel threatened. Where’s my $10,000?

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