Let’s talk about VP Harris and that weird introduction….

14 thoughts on “Let’s talk about VP Harris and that weird introduction….

  1. I’m glad Beau explained it and greatful that this site brought the explanation where I saw it. Thank you.
    Context is everything.
    Initially, it was a bit fleetingly perplexing as to why she said that -though not enough so to try to read into it, let alone nastily/negatively like Adam Kinzinger, et al, did.

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    1. Hello Claude. Thank you. I did not see the original, but the right wing hate media will try to manufacturer any outrage they can about the Biden administration and against her specifically. Plus the right seems to have a dislike for anyone that is disabled and things that need to be done to help them. I was just trying to explain it to my husband that also was befuddeled as I failed to mention some at the confrenece were blind. Context is key, but they wanted to ignore that make an issue of it. When I was telling my husband about it he said it was a weird intro but he had no problem with it, he was not upset. Then I told him some at the confrence couldn’t see and he was like oh then ok that is good of her. So the right wing haters wanted to make an issue that most of us really don’t care about or would have ignored. Best Wishes. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. He did a great job with this one for sure. What amazes me is that some people had to nitpick and criticize her for something that harmed no one and as we know now she was at a disabled conference. Why the need to make that an issue? I wonder what happened to Katy who cared so much for the fish? Did she go on to be an environmentalist or work for animal saving causes? She was already a caring person at age five. Hugs

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    Our friend Scottie is a prolific blogger and I can never keep up with all his posts! However, I do try to catch most of the ones by Beau of the Fifth Column and by Texas Paul. This one by Beau is … well, suffice it to say that he reminds us of Mr. Rogers’ important message … take a look for yourself! Thanks, Scottie! Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. Setting aside your feelings about Beau, there is something I noticed that makes me feel confused. I did not know of her speech nor of the right wing media reaction to it. How did I miss all that? I am slipping. Did you know she gave that speech? See the Democrats and the Biden administration really suck at getting the public informed of what they are doing, all the good things they are trying to do. They suck at messaging. They don’t brag enough about what they do. How they expect to win the midterms I cannot understand. Hugs


  3. I barely know who Mr. Rogers is. He was after my time, and I never had kids. He actually looked liked a bit of a flake to me, but hey, who am I to judge someone on their appearance? I basically ignored him and his show.
    But it seems he had something to offer kids in his day. I never hear anyone say, “Mr. Rodgers taught me about that.” Maybe they should.
    Anyways, nor have I heard how VP Harris introduced herself on the day in question. But I have heard or read a lot about it. I do not get the part about “PRONOUNS,” how did she introduce herself using pronouns? Do people know what pronouns are?

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    1. Hello Rawgod. I watched it as a kid. One thing I remember well is they had a commercial in or at the end of the show saying the show was brought to you by our good friends at Kellogg’s. I was frequently told that when about three I got ahold of the house phone and somehow got the operator. I told her I needed to talk to my mother. I guess the operator was able to figure out where my mom worked and got her on the phone. That was a different time wasn’t it? My adoptive mother thinking there was an emergency was not very happy when I gushed to her about our good friends from Kellogg’s. The spanking and punishment I got that night along with me having a ban on using the house phone until I moved out at 18 started then.

      The issue with pronouns is the right hates trans people. They hate that some people do not look like their pronouns. The posting or saying your pronouns by cis people is a way to support the minority of trans / non-binary people. I have them posted on my bio. My pronouns are he / him / his because I am a cis male. She introduced herself with her pronouns to help those who couldn’t see identify her and who she was. Hugs


      1. Thanks for explaining the “pronouns.” I jut don’t think in those terms. Unless a person is “obviously in drag” I use the pronouns for what I see. But I am not blind. I was not thinking about how a blind person might approach such a situation.
        (By “obviously in drag” I am talking about a person who is not hiding the fact of their gender while dressing to appear the opposite gender.)
        Living where I now live, in a red neck town in a red neck province, I forget the nuances of being in “mixed” company.
        Hugs, Scottie

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