What a rough week for Scottie

Hello all great and wonderful people on the innerwebs.   I am having a week that seems like a month of bad news.   Let’s take everyone back to Monday.    Monday Ron and I did our early morning walk as we try to do before it gets too hot in Florida, even though by the time we get to it these days it is well into the high 80’s and headed into the 90s.  Been even higher this year than other Florida summers.   We do our morning walk together.   We have done this over the years off and on when we had time in the mornings together for over 32 years.   We really value our time together. 

In the past decades we used to just take drives together our head out in the morning and go somewhere and have breakfast and then just drive to some place we never had been, have lunch, look around and then go home to have supper on the way home. 

About our morning walks.   We started out riding bikes and progressed through me riding a scooter when I was in a wheelchair to me using a walker to now, when I can walk short distances with a cane.  We start out together and end up back at home, Ron sees me safely inside and then goes on for an extended walk at least as long as the one we did together.    We have been trying to increase my distance.   But as most of you know my spine is destroyed and my back muscles are in flex / spasm constantly to lessor or greater degrees.   The muscles in my back have been out of control for the last 5 months since I twisted my back trying to carry a shopping bag of soda into the house.

So what is happening is every morning when we walk my back muscles start going crazy from the work out their receiving from my walking.    Well by early afternoon I can hurt so bad I cannot sit in my computer chair even with my medications, so I go lay down.   I get up late in the day and try to work on the blog, and because I am taking extra medications I get so sleepy I go to bed early.   

Tuesday morning I got up at about 5:30 AM, and after feeding the inside and outside cats, making coffee, and starting the computers the router did it’s 6 AM reset.    For some reason I have not figured out, this new router needs to be restarted regularly and the settings allow you to set the time for it to do it.    We all decided 6 AM was the time to have it done.   

The router reset just as I was bringing both computers online, and then everything I tried to do was sluggish and I had no access to the internet.   I reset the router.   Still no internet.    Restarted the computers, no internet.   Restarted the modem.  Still no internet on the computers, restarted both the router and the modem, and both computers, still no internet.   The home alarm system had no internet and was running on cellular back up.   But I missed that clue at the time.   I used my phone to check the internet provide and there was no outage.   So as everyone else was still sleeping I figured it was a great time to dump and rest / reinstall both computers my computers as I had not done it in a while, and I try to do it about every three months.   

Ron came out of the bedroom at 8:30 AM and informed me he had no internet on any of his devices.   I tried his living room / kitchen TV.   No internet.    I now realized it was in the router.   So I tried to access it and finally with my phone got in and couldn’t find a way to fix the issue with that.    I got one computer up and accessed the router admin system and still with the advanced settings couldn’t see a problem or reason it wouldn’t connect to the innerwebs.   I gave up and used the pin hole insert to reset the router and when it came up set up the router again.   Still no internet.   I was frustrated as I have been working on this with different devices for about four hours.   I was just about to get out the old router when I remembered sometimes routers when first setup won’t accept the incoming data link of the modem.    They need the modem to be reset to do the handshake that locks them together.  I restarted the modem, and the internet came back on.   

 Great, I checked all the household devices and they all had internet again, James checked his and they had internet.   Now there were just two that were down, my computers.    So I started the work of re-dumping them and cleaning the drives and then the hours long task of updating and reinstalling all my programs.   Then Ron and I went for our walk.    When I got back, I got the secondary video computer well on the way to being fully updated but my back started hurting so bad I couldn’t sit in my chair.   So I went to lay down.   I got up about three hours later and started on the computers again.    The secondary computer was going well, but the blogging computer was not doing well at all.    I got hours into it and had to stop.    I have two nearly identical 34-inch 4K monitors from the same manufacture.   With the picture settings the same the main blogging computer on the third window update followed by the driver update for the new video card the screen would darken with the white looking gray / blue as if you were looking at the screen through a filter that made it darker and less bright.    Thinking it was an error on my part I dumped the computer again and started over.   Nearly half a day wasted.   But that night before going to bed the same thing happened.    I asked Ron if he had seen the same thing I did, and he agreed.   

This morning I got up and after feeding both the inside cat and the outside ones, making coffee, starting my computers, I dumped the main one again, returning it factory specs.  By this morning the video computer only needed the strong security / cleaning programs I run.   Then when Ron got up and had a cup of coffee we went for our walk.   When I got home I finished doing the installations / updates on the video computer.    Other than the tweaks it was done.  But before I could do more than the second big windows 10 updates my back was screaming so bad, I had to go to bed.   When I got up 3 or more hours later, I started in on the main blogging computer.   I got it to the point where I could install the right graphics card driver.   I got it in, and I was not happy with the way the white displayed but I went into the monitor settings I took the brightness up 25%.    I took it from 50% to 75%.  I tweaked a few other settings in the display.   I don’t like to do it that way as you can overdrive the monitor systems and cause the monitors to burn out / stop working sooner.    But it worked, and I got the white back to being bright white.   That tells me that as everything else is the same the main monitor is either failing at a faster rate than the blogging one or there is something in the hardware that makes it so much different than the other one despite they are the same make and model.   I could have done that the first time, but I had to make sure I had not made a mistake.   So for the next few hours I watched videos and posted some on the video computer, and worked to get all the updates and security programs installed in the blogging computer.   I can say now at 6 PM (7 PM by the time I post this) on Thursday everything is set other than running the defrags and a few small tweaking programs.   So I am back.   There was a lot of things I seen online I would love to post, but I will spend the next few days replying to comments until I catch up.   Just remember I have my morning walk and then have to rest when my back gets too bad.   Loves and hugs to everyone, I have missed you.  Scottie

2 thoughts on “What a rough week for Scottie

  1. Sometimes, it might be the router that’s been used for, way too long that it’s stopped, working, sometimes, it’s our laptops or computers that are just, way too, outdated, and, if neither one if these is the problem, then, you may need to contact your internet service providers, to see if your workstation is, connected. And, rest up, for your back to get, healed, hope you feel better soon.

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. I have never been happy with this router. It has plenty of power to reach everywhere I need it to but the system and design is not well thought out. It is limited as to how much the user can control, something I require. Also it seems to need a reboot nearly every day or it stops working. I have it set to reboot every morning. That seem to fix one problem but this time something went wrong but I think it was wrong before rebooting but I just did not catch it. I really did not think I needed to dump the computers because of it but I tend to do it every 3 to six months anyway so it seemed a good time to do it. I was wrong. But I got it all up and running. Right now I don’t know what the doctors are going to do about my back. Surgery won’t help, the pain medications I take are strong but are not providing enough relief, taking more makes me ill. They have suggested several times I go on fentanyl, and I just don’t want to. But thank you for the well wishes. I hope all is well with you also. Hugs


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