Sen. James Lankford: The “Far-Left” Will Use Marriage Bill “As A Weapon To Crush Anyone Who Opposes It”

What the hell is he talking about.   Push it to the next step?  Push what?   The sexual revolution?   Is he still on that old trope from the 1960s.   Really?   Take where it has never been before.    The Respect for Marriage act protects marriage equality for same sex and interracial couples.       What is taking it to where it has never been to protect marriages that have been the law for some time?  They cannot directly attack marriage equality without sounding like a bigot and a racist, so they try to sell fear.   Be afraid, they are going to crush you if you don’t love the gay marriage.  He acts as if everyone will be forced to have at least one same sex marriage in the family even if no one is gay.   I am so tired of these assholes misrepresenting, misdirecting, and misinforming their followers.    His whole thing was designed to give him a segment on Fox and to be repeated in right wing hate media.   A part of the public is going to lose their legal rights to marry the person they love and have the legal benefits of that recognized marriage just so republican right wing bigot racists can beat their chest they made their god happy.   Because clearly their god hates the same people they do and is powerless to stop crying unless the humans who follow him get to be cruel to others.    Hugs

From the Family Research Council:

During today’s episode of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) announced for the first time that he will vote against H.R. 8404, marketed as the “Respect for Marriage” Act, if it comes to the Senate floor.

“The far-Left is trying to say we want to be able to push this to the next step” of the sexual revolution and “take it where it has not ever gone before,” said Lankford. “And we are going to absolutely oppose that.”

Overzealous federal bureaucrats, left-wing legal groups, and LGBTQ pressure groups are no longer saying, “We demand recognition” of same-sex marriage, said Lankford; they’re now saying, “We’re going to crush anyone that opposes our belief in gay marriage.”

“They want to take it the next step and then use” the bill “as a weapon [against] others” after this bill passes, Lankford forecasted.


SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 2 minutes ago

“The far-Left is trying to say we want to be able to push this to the
next step” of the sexual revolution and “take it where it has not ever
gone before

By voting on legislation for SOMETHING THAT IS ALREADY LAW?

JackFknTwist • 3 minutes ago

We’re the ‘far left’ because we want to uphold the law as it is
\Who the fuck fall for this total shit ?

itsjoe618 • 5 minutes ago

Go ahead and vote against it, because voting against same sex marriage AND interracial marriage is such a popular position. Extending the marriage contract to same sex couples is “not sexual revolution.” It polls somewhere in the neighborhood of 60%-70% percent support for same sex marriage and over 90% support for interracial marriage. If by “crush people” you mean expect them to act like adults and not impose their extreme religious beliefs on everyone else, then yes, we expect that.

Gigi • 14 minutes ago

There is no far-left equivalent to the far-right fascists who attacked the Capitol and tried to overthrow the government. And the only ones looking to “crush” people are the right-wingers who want to overturn the Obergefell ruling and force their chosen religious beliefs down our throats.

Uncle Mark eats the rainbow • 17 minutes ago

How amusing. The very same people accusing us of pushing gay and “sexual agendas” on America are the very ones imposing their bullshit into women’s uteri.

Fuck off, you hideous freak!

Houndentenor • 29 minutes ago

Bitch, please. These are the same arguments they used to oppose Obergefell. It’s been seven years. None of those things happened. The only people affected are county clerks and gay couples who want to get married. All this law does is get rid of the last bits of DOMA so that when SCOTUS overturns Obergefell, gay couples in red states still have federal recognition of their legal marriages.

Ninja0980 • 36 minutes ago

Man who thinks it’s okay for 13 year old girls to be in sexual relationships says what?

April Smith • 42 minutes ago • edited

While a no vote will get little pushback or political damage here in Oklahoma I DARE R’s to collectively vote it down. That and their anti women agenda will hopefully blow up in their faces in November.

6 thoughts on “Sen. James Lankford: The “Far-Left” Will Use Marriage Bill “As A Weapon To Crush Anyone Who Opposes It”

  1. He doesn’t know what a ‘Far Left’ is!
    Get his ass over here to Europe. We’ll show him what ‘Far Left’ is. After a week or so he’d be scuttling back to the USA and hiding under table, begging Democrats to save him.

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    1. Hello Roger. Beau often says that the right in the US is extremely right and the left in the US is just normal right. There is no real left party in the US. I have watched a strange thing happen in the US over the last 50 years. Starting with Reagan the right shifted to the right. Then everyone told the democrats who were very progressive then that they had to move to the center to get more votes from former republicans. Then those steps happened again and again and again. Each time the TV people and democratic strategist shouted the democrats had to move to the center that they were too far to the left. On legislation the talking point of the republicans was the democrats must move to the right to meet republicans halfway. But no one was yelling that the right needed to move left, and no one was telling the republicans when they were in charge that they needed to move left to meet the left halfway. It has been so damn one sided it is stunning to look at. The distance to the right on positions that the democratic party has moved is amazing and it is directly related to corporate money in politics. Corporate democrats including the democratic leadership have become republicans in their view of what the government should do for corporations and not helping the public. The progressive squad in the House are trying to move the party back to the 1970’s focus on the public and the people, back to the party of the people, back to the days when the party believed the government had a duty to insure people had a quality of life. There was a hard driven fight behind the scenes to change the landscape of the politics of the US and now we must fight like hell to fix it. Hugs

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      1. Exactly Scottie.
        There are two strands to the current Republican argument.
        One is the fallacy as you have described.
        The Second is them believing in their own distortions. That somehow Progress, Compassion, Tolerance and Enlightenment are leftist traits.
        (Actually. Truth be known from an UK perspective; there are sections of the UK Left who are just as blighted in their outlooks as the US Right, quite willing to impose their own views on others, and don’t argue.)

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        1. Hello Roger. How can anyone not want Progress, Compassion, Tolerance and Enlightenment? The best advances in science and arts were during times of enlightenment. That is the thing I never understood about the right, not the maga cult who are unreasonable, but the everyday working voting republicans. These people used to believe in science, civil rights, evolution, increased education … and now are OK with regressing backward to ignoring all that.

          OT: Have you seen the James Webb telescope pictures / news. Stunning. Hugs


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