Top Democrat STUNS with Speech of the Year SLAMMING Republicans after they Block Veteran Health Bill

Montana Democratic Senator John Tester delivered a passionate speech on the Senate Floor after Senate Republicans blocked a bill to provide military veterans access to healthcare for exposure to toxic burn pits.

2 thoughts on “Top Democrat STUNS with Speech of the Year SLAMMING Republicans after they Block Veteran Health Bill

  1. “Shame on these Republican fascists,” for sure! Bugged that Manchin and Schumer made a deal, they’re taking it out on the veterans–and, as Susan Collins suggested, gee, maybe they’re so angry they won’t support gay/interracial marriage after all. And I just wrangled on Twitter with some characters from FORWARD, the new wonder org, telling me that the Dems and Republicans are equally evil. My head hurts…

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    1. Hello Annie. Anyone who says both parties are the same is either willfully ignorant or as ideology driven as any maga cult member. It simply is not reality. The easiest way to tell is the republicans walk lockstep no matter their personal views or even how the legislation effects their family members. They are party over all else for the win of total authoritarian control. The democrats believe in diversity and a big tent where people of different views are welcome, the party believes in democracy, and they clearly do not walk lockstep at all and are not punished for it. Now I do understand the frustration some people have over what seems the inability of the congress to work for the people. The only things congress can seem to do is make the wealthy more money and push austerity measures for the people. People are sick of life being a hard constant struggle in this country while in other less wealthy countries daily life for the public is much easier. In many countries the work week is being lowered to three days and in the US the right wing hosts Hannity and Charley Kirk are telling people they need to work more, work 70 and 80 hour weeks. Hannity even said people should do a two year unpaid internship so the bosses will see they are great team players. Well that shows the difference between parties right there. But people are frustrated. Here is the thing. Throwing themselves in to third parties only helps the republicans win control and make things worse. In fact in two states the republicans have been caught this year funding the Green Party to run to draw votes from the democrats. The solution I am sure you already know is to vote in more Democrats. Get the majority the democrats need to help the people. So much could have been done to help the people of this country if the party had not needed Manchin or Sinema. Anyway this is a very long winded way of saying I agree with you and hope you can get those selfish people at FORWARD to rethink their actions. Hugs


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