She once was the youngest woman elected to Congress. She’s trying again at 80

No, just NO!  Look I like her positions, but she is 80 now.    The interview asked if people worried about her age were being agist.   No again.    Look I know many older people need an extra income these days.   But sorry I don’t want the country being run by people who were in their prime in the 1970’s.   We have enough of that shit.   We do have capable younger people who can be congress members.   Why is the right attracting charged up younger people and the left so stuck on and with senior citizens past retirement age?   Hugs

Eighty years old and going strong, Elizabeth Holtzman was once the youngest woman in Congress. Now, she’s making waves as she tries to return as one of the oldest. CNN’s Athena Jones reports.

3 thoughts on “She once was the youngest woman elected to Congress. She’s trying again at 80

  1. I think at least some of it, Scottie, on the Dem side, is money. Rich Dems are old. Young people are not rich, in general, but definitely not if they’re liberal/progressive. That’s likely not all of it, but it’s some of it.

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes very true. Some people, especially those that have been in congress for a long time see the elected office as a lottery ticket they won to power and personal wealth. They hate to give up either even when they have enough of both. That is when it becomes their needs over the good of the country. That is when they start thinking they are better than the public they should be serving. Hugs

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