Texas Paul gives POWERFUL message to his Republican Haters

7 thoughts on “Texas Paul gives POWERFUL message to his Republican Haters

    1. Hello Roger. I think the goal is to fight your enemy without becoming them. I want the best for my country, the world, and the people in it. I want a progressive accepting world where people are taken care of, where the needs of food and shelter are not worries for people, where people are safe and secure, where caring and helping is the first things that people think of instead of hate. But to get there I must make sure I do not become the maga right wing haters I want to change. Hugs

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      1. This is the great challenge Scottie.
        Using WWII as an example it can be seen that The Democracies USA & UK were as ruthless as Germany and Japan. In fact it can be argued they embraced the concept of Total War to a greater extent.
        It is the factor which concerns me, is the escalation. In terms of numbers the Right is in a minority. If in its actions it causes the rest to respond, and that response is to perceive the Right to be a ‘clear and present danger’ then the ancient statement ‘Necessity knows no Law’ becomes a currency and everyone loses.
        Wars between nations are one thing. Civil conflicts divide families, communities and regions and leave deep scars.

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        1. Hello Roger. Agreed. I was speaking more of the situation right now politically in the US and before it gets to outright civil war. To argue and address the haters without becoming as hateful as they are is the goal and it is hard to do. I watched a video today where a bigoted white woman was verbally attacking a Muslim woman and a black woman. The bystanders stood up for the women being attack and the manager asked the bigot to leave the store. That was all good as far as I am concerned. My problem was with the comments of those watching the video who had wanted the manager to not just tell the woman to leave the store but to be rude and nasty to her also. To me that defeats the point. That is becoming as bad as the bigot was. She was shamed and found no support then had to leave the store without the items she wanted, which should have taught her a lesson. To threaten her or abuse her makes her the victim instead of the attacker she was. I realize when it becomes a physical war then the situation is very different as you say. Hugs

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          1. The example you have cited Scottie, is how it should be. And in a time and society where everything is not so charged this was how it could be.
            However because of the irresponsible attitude and antics of Right wing politicians, mentors and supporters, such an incident could spiral.
            This have happened so many times in portions of history.

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