Gab CEO: Christians Will “Take Dominion” Over You

Well he is saying the quiet part out loud and proud.   Over you!!   In the name of their Jesus!   They will discipline this nation, meaning us that are not religious fanatics like them or follow their church doctrines.    Wonder if we will all have to go to church, their church of course?  What about other religious faiths, will they be allowed?   I already know the Jewish faith is a no-no for them.    I already know what will happen to my people.  How are you at dodging large stones?    This is the American Taliban folks.   They have seen how it worked in Afghanistan and they liked it.   They are the US ISIS, those who would rule by their religion with force.    Hugs

Via email from Gab CEO Andrew Torba:

We are forming a Christian Nationalist movement and in order to be in any position of influence or leadership in the movement you must be a Christian.

We are no longer going to answer to people who do not share our values and represent a diametrically different worldview that only 2% of the country holds.

We are the 70%+ super majority in this country and we are going to do everything we can to take dominion and disciple this nation for the glory of Jesus Christ our King.

As I have said in my previous articles and videos they have pushed us too far by locking down our churches, masking our children, and forcing us to inject a foreign substance in our bodies in order to keep our jobs.

We are no longer being silent. The silent majority is getting loud and speaking the Truth of God’s Word and the Biblical worldview boldly.

The email ends, as they all do, with a money beg. Jesus needs money. Always.


unsavedheathen • a minute ago

“We are no longer being silent.”

When in the long history of Christianity have Christians been silent? When has the imposition of their private beliefs on public law not been their goal? When have christians not insinuated themselves into positions of power favoring other Christians for positions below them? When have Christians not steered public dollars to private pockets?

Ninja0980 • 3 minutes ago

Any difference between these folks and the Taliban?

Boreal Ninja0980 • 2 minutes ago

Just their “holy” books.

unsavedheathen Ninja0980 • 2 minutes ago

Wardrobe and accessories.

Stultus • 8 minutes ago

The exact goal they are working towards. Domination of others is the goal. But of course, those in charge will be exempted.

Theresa Zaske • 12 minutes ago

that’s … not the way democracy works.

Elliott • 13 minutes ago

Well, he’s about as much fun as a dead baby’s toys.

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