House Candidate Headlines Florida “Nationalists” Event

These people are scary.   Go to the links to see what these people are really about.   Complete hating white supremacists who want a country based on their hates and the complete white only ethnostate.   While they mention god they don’t seem to be religious fanatics, but they do what all authority and rights for white males.   Hugs

Florida Politics reports:

Congressional candidate Anthony Sabatini spoke Friday at a Tampa gathering of nationalists. “God bless the nationalist populist movement,” he said during his remarks. At the American Virtue conference, Sabatini trashed Republican Party leaders like Kevin McCarthy as “woke.”

He also advocated for a complete moratorium on all immigration and eliminating Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Sabatini, a candidate in Florida’s 7th Congressional District, greatly criticized U.S. involvement in defending Ukraine from Russian invasion.

Political Research Associates reports:

At the “State of the Movement” conference, American Virtue presented itself, as the groypers once presented themselves, as a more far-right alternative to the campus conservative group Turning Point USA (TPUSA).

They deployed red-meat culture war broadsides against feminism and LGBTQ rights, Big Tech, and “woke hegemonic corporations,” and diatribes against RINOs, “communists,” and other named enemies.

As I’ve said here several times, Sabatini is perhaps the most extreme of all state reps – and that is saying something.

He last appeared on JMG when he floated a bill that would make taking children to drag shows a felony and “terminate the parental rights” of those convicted.


SkokieDaddy – wiener dog dad • 3 hours ago

No doubt he would shriek as loud as any of them if you dared to call him a racist.

I’m just proud of being an American, the Democrats are the real racists, derp derp, BLM, Antifa, CRT.

When will these cowards take ownership of what and who they are?

Karl Dubhe IV • 3 hours ago

They keep on showing everyone who they are. Will the voters pay attention to that thisNovember?

jeffg166 • 3 hours ago

Christian Nationalism is closer than you think.


5 thoughts on “House Candidate Headlines Florida “Nationalists” Event

  1. Foolish little man. Predatory large nations and multi-nationals would scoop up his mini-state.
    The European empires would work like this, find a divided area, move in with trade deals and gradually burrow into the infrastructure.
    Florida- A Third world nation, owned by overseas venture capital (be that corporate or nations-backed), which would install its own ruler. The locals becoming ‘natives’ to be exploited.
    It’s happened over and over.

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    1. Hello Roger. The problem is they are not just trying to take over Florida but the entire nation with their hate and bigotry. They want to stop any brown / blacks from entering the country and deny rights and citizenship to those ones that are still in country. He wants a white male dominated society with extreme nationalism / national pride. Basically he and those like him want to duplicate Russia here. The question is why? Is he on Putin’s payroll? Or does he just want a world where he is in charge. Maybe if he has all the rights and authority he could get someone to have sex with him. Hugs

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      1. Like most little people of narrow perception he thinks he can take complete charge.
        He has no idea of the forces he is meddling with. The most dangerous and combustible, that being the anger and reaction of groups not sympathetic to his.
        This is sort of control only possible is a state with a history of authoritarian state control and even then will have to deal with a violent reaction.
        If they think a stolen ballot box and a fixed supreme court are the final arbiters, then they are sadly mistaken.

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        1. Hello Roger. As you say each thinks they will be the chosen one in charge. I think of the different sects of Christianity that will fight to be the top or only version allowed in the theocracy. I have read of the wars between Imams in Islamic run countries. In the republican party they are all happy with an authoritarian government with a dictator because each one thinks he will get to be the one being the dictator. They don’t realize in a situation such as all the power being in the hands of one or few, they lose what authority and power they have now. Hugs

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