Putin Revives Soviet-Era “Patriotic Education” Program

Florida has already done this.  I wonder how long until every red state has these fake history US exceptionalism requirements?   Hugs

The Sunday Times reports:

Russian students heading back to school in the autumn will be taught about the country’s values amid the Kremlin’s wider campaign to implement “patriotic” education in schools.

Starting from September 5, schools across the country will dedicate hours to so-called “conversations about important things”, Sergei Novikov, head of the presidential directorate for social projects, told Tass, the state news agency.

These “conversations” would focus on the values of Russian society as enshrined in the country’s national security strategy, he said.

Read the full article.


DevilDog • 2 hours ago • edited

I suspect the next Republican president will do the same here … if he doesn’t eradicate the Department of Education altogether.

TnCTampa • 2 hours ago

LOL….. coming soon to a public school in the USA

Dreaming Vertebrate Karl Dubhe IV • 2 hours ago

They enter the schools as innocent kids and are transformed into psychopathic monsters. 😟

3 thoughts on “Putin Revives Soviet-Era “Patriotic Education” Program

    1. Hello Roger. Putin and the republicans in my country think alike. They want to indoctrinate children before they are old enough to question what they are being told. They want to create a belief in a false narrative so that they can rob the people blind or establish an authoritarian fascist government. Hugs

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      1. But there is a wide difference between the folk of the two nations.
        If these folk believe acting like Putin is going to work in the USA then they are even shorter on rational thinking than first expected. And they know very little about the character and history of their own nation

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