Trump Illegally Uses Presidential Seal At NJ Golf Event

He does this repeatedly.   He gets told it is illegal and does it anyway.   It is time he face some serious punishment.   He is not the president and he doesn’t get to use that seal.   If you and I were to do that we would face legal trouble.    Hugs

The Hill reports:

Former President Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J., was spotted continuing to use the presidential seal despite an ethics complaint and federal law potentially banning its use of the seal at the venue.

Photos taken Thursday while Trump hosted an event for the LIV Golf tournament, a Saudi-backed golf league that has faced controversy in light of the Saudi government’s alleged human rights abuses, showed the seal on various items, including golf carts.

The Washington Post reports:

The seal was plastered on towels, golf carts and other items as the former president participated in the pro-am event of the Saudi-sponsored tournament Thursday. It is against federal law to use the presidential and vice-presidential seals in ways that could convey “a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States.”

While violating this law could result in imprisonment of “not more than six months,” a fine or both, these punishments are rarely doled out. Trump has faced criticism from the survivors of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and their family members for hosting the Saudi-backed golf tournament at his New Jersey resort — 50 miles from Ground Zero.


DaddyRay • 2 days ago

Outrage meter is barely registering on this one.

That is how normalized his disrespect for this country and its protocols has become

northalabama DaddyRay • 2 days ago

there are laws against it, the only thing it takes to stop him are people willing to stop him.

JCF DaddyRay • 2 days ago

If Obama did this, it would be lead news for week. At least a month on FUX.

Ščŏŧŧ Ċ – 🇺🇦 🕊 DaddyRay • 2 days ago

The MAGAts will forgive anything, as long as he says the things they want to hear, and lets them be the worst version of themselves.

BeccaM • 2 days ago

A law is only a law if it’s actually enforced and when there are consequences for breaking it.

Really fucking sick and tired of this fat clown-painted spawn of Baron Harkonnen constantly getting away with blatant crimes simply because no prosecutor feels like dealing with him.

TrollopeReader BeccaM • 2 days ago

So, we’re 25 hours in finding this out. Has DOJ ever sued a president for false seal usage?

🄿🅁🄸🅇🄰🅃🄾🅁 – 🅃🅁🄸🄿🄻🄴 🅅🄰🅇🅇🄴🄳 TrollopeReader • 2 days ago

A better question is, has any president ever had such blatant disrespect for the office and its traditions?

Mouse 2024 🇺🇸 • 2 days ago

Because laws don’t apply to republicans

Fearsome Beard Mouse 2024 🇺🇸 • 2 days ago

Especially if they are only breaking them to promote their business and make money.

Todd20036 • 2 days ago

Remember when laws applied to presidents?

charemor • 2 days ago

“It is against federal law to use the presidential and vice-presidential seals in ways that could convey “a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States.” Well let whoever is responsible for doling out the punishent for this get off of their ass and do it. We have had 4 years of this asshole flaunting laws and getting away with it. Enough!

4 thoughts on “Trump Illegally Uses Presidential Seal At NJ Golf Event

  1. Like he himself said: he could shoot someone on NY’s 5th Avenue …

    While we, as citizens (and tRump-haters) are frustrated that he gets away with soooo much, in the BIG picture, spending time and money and personnel to censure him for these acts simply isn’t worth it in the long run. And I’m quite sure he knows this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Nan. I disagree. The statement he could shoot someone and not lose one vote was about the maga cult, but it was only after he got into office that he figured out he was king and couldn’t be prosecuted. He has to be forced to take them down, be legally enjoined from doing it again, and get fine which is the one thing he hates. If the idea is allow that a president is above the laws even when out of office, then we do have kings. Also we only have one president at a time which the immunity rulings back up saying the right to claim immunity rests with the current president not a former. Remember it was ruled Bill Clinton was not above the law and had to sit for depositions. But then again he is a democrat. Hugs


      1. Read my response again … censuring him is a bit different that convicting him. I definitely agree he should be prosecuted for the many and sundry illegal acts he has performed.

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