Lauren Boebert SAYS if gun control PASSES, Americans will have to EAT pet DOGS

14 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert SAYS if gun control PASSES, Americans will have to EAT pet DOGS

  1. People who grow up on farms already know that their pets are grown to be eaten by others. The substitution of one form of meat by another is more cultural than necessary. The people who lived originally on the land she represents ate dog as part of their diet , which had nothing to do with firearms. People around the world eat many things that are not found in her approved list of foods. The best fact with her is people will no longer be made sick from eating what ever she called food in her late restaurant.

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    1. Hello Muttpupdad. What you say is very true. What the WTF is about is her word salad and the disconnect between the assault rifle ban and dog treats, dog groomers, and eating dogs. Not to mention that I doubt she could name one common Venezuelan meal. I cannot image going to eat in a restaurant where the staff are all carrying loaded weapons and you have no idea if they are qualified with them or if they are in a fit state to have access to a firearm at a time when all the country is worried about mass shootings. Hugs

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    1. I agree with Nan. Her idiocy doesn’t make her harmless, though. She does a lot of damage.
      I’m not hiacking this thread, or this comment-thanks, Nan!- but here is a little malfeasance taking place last night and today, regarding our constitutional amendment election. . I got one of these texts last night, one this morning. I’ve been targeted by the anti-choicers/yes voters, I know not why, but these texts really cross a line, in my mind, like telling people the election is tomorrow over the line. Anyway, it’s very self explanatory on the page. More Republicanism.

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      1. Her idiocy does not mean Nan, nor does Nan do a great deal of damage. I should read it one more time first instead of looking at it after I post. The idiocy and damage are Boebert’s.

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          1. Hello Ali. I agree she is dangerous. But it is a shame that she is considered qualified to be a member of congress. That use to be a place of high honor. I read that about the texts trying to mislead people about the ballot measure to change the constitution so that the republicans can end abortion in the state. The measure was written to be misleading. A no vote protects the right to abortion but it is worded so you would think the yes vote is the one protecting the right to abortion. These texts were written by a former GOP who lost his seat. Just one more example of the dishonorable lying misdirecting misinforming undemocratic republican party. Hugs

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    2. Hello Nan. Yes. And she has input and votes on the laws of the nation that you must live by and that affect your daily life. This is what passes as a person for republicans for high office these days. Not to shame sex workers, I have nothing against sex work, but it has come out she was failing at being a model and so started doing “escort” work. One of her clients was Ted Cruz who was instrumental in introducing her to high level money donors and political strategist. Suddenly she is running for office and Cruz donated 125,000 to her campaign, far more than he normally donates to other people’s campaigns. But I guess it is easier to spend his political campaign money without the wife being upset than out of the personal check book. Hugs

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      1. Hi Scottie:
        Here’s a link to explain ‘King of the Hill’
        The appeal for me was Hank navigating through the events and challenging of ordinary life, and being the bystander trying to keep his head above water when extremes came to his door. Since this was pre-MAGA we could enjoy the light-touch of humour.
        Actually, I prefer American Comedy shows to our own. Such as SNL, ‘Mom’, Brooklyn 99′, ‘The Good Place’ and ‘Two Broke Girls’ (ok that was sheer bawdy Vaudeville- still funny though).
        The best of your shows have more experiment, verve and entertainment than our own. These tend to be very self-aware, and the feeling you are looking on a bunch of folk enjoying private jokes…leastways that’s my take

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