Snarky Snippets For A Sunday Afternoon

Hello Jill. So much of your post is important I hope you will forgive me for focusing on the first part. I have been reading that all over the US librarians are quitting due to harassment by the (brownshirts) right wing attacks. It scares me as I have read of how these very same attacks led to the end of democracy in history and currently in other countries. Control of information gives an authoritarian government the ability to shape the narrative of a country. We have seen how these same restrictions in Russia have led to the elimination of entire groups from the society. We are at a scary time for minorities in the US with one of the majority political parties supporting Viktor Orban. Hugs.

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Ahhhhh … nothing like a peaceful, lazy Sunday afternoon, right?  Curl up with a good book, maybe have a little bit of a kip, take a look at the news and BOOM … the peace is shattered, the nerves are jangled, and the snark finds its way into a blog post!

Sorry, no books today!

In the small town of Jamestown, Michigan, population 9,630 as of the 2020 census, the library may soon close.  Lack of interest?  No way!  The people in this town love their library, but the taxpayers voted against funding the library earlier.  Why?  A handful of residents – less than 50 – complained about books in the library written by or about LGBTQ people, saying their intent was to ‘groom’ children.  The library director was harrassed to the point that she finally resigned, as did the next in line for her job.

Larry Walton, the library…

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5 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets For A Sunday Afternoon

  1. Thank you so much, Scottie, for this re-blog! Yes, that first part is disgusting beyond belief, and I certainly can’t fault you for focusing on that one. I found myself growling over that, especially when I saw some of the books they wanted banned … SHEESH!!! These people need to get a life! So many other things, important things, to worry about and they’re worried about books that mention race or LGBTQ people or are even written by a gay person! If this is the most important thing people have to worry about, our world is in BIG trouble! Thanks again for the reblog, dear friend. Hugs

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