15 Children Killed in Israel’s Latest Attacks on Gaza

Israeli forces killed dozens of Palestinians in their latest attacks on Gaza. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

Read more HERE: https://www.commondreams.org/news/202…

“Dozens of people were killed and hundreds more were wounded during Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip over the weekend, Palestinian officials said as Israel and the militant resistance group Palestinian Islamic Jihad declared a truce late Sunday night.

“It’s outrageous that the Biden administration gave Israel ‘full-throated support’ for its murderous ‘preemptive’ assault on Palestinians in Gaza.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said Sunday that so far 44 people, including at least 15 children and four women, died during the 66-hour Israeli onslaught—officialy called Operation Breaking Dawn—in which militants also reportedly fired at least hundreds of rockets at Israel, resulting in three light injuries. The ministry said that 360 other Palestinians were wounded during the attacks, which ended with the 11:30 pm truce.

“Let those numbers sink in,” tweeted Marwa Fatafta, a Berlin-based Palestinian writer, researcher, and senior policy analyst at the digital rights group Access Now.”

3 thoughts on “15 Children Killed in Israel’s Latest Attacks on Gaza

    1. Hello Nan. The entire situation with Israel and the Palestinians is sickening and is furthered by money, the big money the US is giving to Israel and the money Israel spends on lobbying the US congress. The Palestinians live in an open-air prison with no rights. They live under military rule. Their children can be rounded up at any time and incarcerated in military prisons for no reason and not charged, with no rights to legal protection. Those children are often abused. The parents have no right to see them or help them. That threat is constantly held over the heads of parents. So children, young children as young as 8 and 9 have been held for years some until adulthood, with no charges to intimidate the parents into not opposing the Israeli oppression. I won’t detail all the abuses of the people, but the things done are war crimes. Everything from denying food to taking homes without compensation to give the property to an Israeli. The things we claim worldwide are crimes against humanity are being done to the Palestinians and have been for a long time. Right now that tRump allowed the Israelis to formalize their control over the East Jerusalem the police with courts approval are throwing Arab families out of their homes they have owned for decades to give those homes to Jewish Israelis that apply for them. I have read of Jewish people driving streets, breaking into Arab homes to check them out and then simply staking a claim to them. The courts then uphold the claim. The view of Israeli courts is that only Jews should have homes in Jerusalem. But the Arabs are not getting any help or rights, they are not considered equal or citizens. So that is what many want to establish in the US between whites and blacks. Hugs

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