Liberal Redneck – FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago

7 thoughts on “Liberal Redneck – FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago

    1. Hello Roger. Reality is not something they comprehend. For most of us if something is no matter how much we hate it or want it not to be, we accept it is a thing. That is different for the maga cult. I don’t understand it but in conversations I have had with them, anything that doesn’t fit their view, the wish the want the world to be, they just claim it is fake or false, or even just deny it. They then go on rants about how great trump was for the country, again never giving any specifics. I have offered video evidence of trump saying something to maga people to have them just deny it. Facts, reality, the entire way existence is structured means nothing to them. What is important is their god trump is their hero. and all democrats are evil beings who will make all your sons trans and your daughters gay. By law! Hugs

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      1. They are indeed a cult. Blind to the Reality of the World. Desperate to find a Past which never really existed except in TV shows.
        They in effect created Trump and will not let go of their creation.
        If they were all gathered together as one nation in one place you could say ‘Fine. I’m not going there,’ But they want to seize and bend the majority to their will.
        That never works out well.
        For either side.
        Take care Scottie. True Patriot.

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          1. That is a rather obvious and clumsy piece of propaganda.
            I witnessed FaceBook a photo of a security guard at the UK labour Party conference 2021. This was posted up by a supporter of the then recently removed Jeremy Corbyn. Their post tried to infer the guard was one of a few there to intimidate the Labour party members to stick with the new party line.
            It did not fool the majority of readers on the site.
            These only serve to make the culprit look ridiculous.

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