Florida’s Monkeypox Cases Have Doubled In One Week

Politico reports:

The Florida Department of Health counted 985 people infected by the monkeypox virus as of Tuesday, marking a jump from the 525 infections reported by Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo one week ago. The agency also ordered the full 72,000 vaccine doses allocated by HHS.

The HHS allocation is not enough to keep up with the outbreak of monkeypox, which is usually spread through human contact and primarily affects men who have sex with men. So the state Department of Health alerted county health offices to reschedule appointments for thousands of people who had planned to receive a second dose.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Ladapo have downplayed the impact of the monkeypox virus, with DeSantis saying last week — when Florida was fifth in the nation for infections — that politicians and the news media are using the virus to scare people.

Read the full article.

Ladapo appeared on JMG last week when he cast doubts on the efficacy of the monkeypox vaccine.


Porkie • 27 minutes ago • edited

In the absence of sufficient vaccine doses perhaps Florida should initiate an aggresive program of thoughts and prayers?

Yves R. Mektin • 22 minutes ago

Clearly, there is a lot of demon semen going around Florida.

Ninja0980 • 23 minutes ago

Look at who monkeypox is mostly affecting right now.
Damn right these bigots won’t do anything.

Ann Kah • 23 minutes ago

“We are not doing fear”, but you’re not doing prevention either? You’re also apparently not doing either public service or governance.

Yves R. Mektin • 15 minutes ago

This is from 4 years ago, but probably still totally up-to-date:

Jay Silversmith • 13 minutes ago

Hasn’t he heard? Rhonda Santis is too busy forcing the unmasking of school children to be bothered with this.

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