Former Trump WH Aide Doxxes Families Of FBI Agents

The Daily Beast reports:

Just hours after a list began circulating among right-wing media of FBI agents who signed off on the search warrant for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, a former Trump aide tried to sic MAGA fans on the family members of the purported agents.

Garrett Ziegler, who recently went on a sexist tear against former White House colleagues, took to Telegram to post the personal information of men he identified as agents.

The former Trump administration staffer further listed out the FBI agents’ date of birth, work emails and linked to alleged family members’ social media accounts. “We have to have faces,” he said. “There are people ruining America, and they have names, and emails, and addresses.”

Read the full article.

Ziegler’s Telegram channel is full of QAnon, racist, and anti-LGBTQ imagery.

He last appeared on JMG when he declared the Jan. 6 investigation to be a “Bolshevistic anti-White campaign.”


SilentMike • an hour ago

Not really OT:

Breitbart Slammed for Doxxing FBI Agents Involved in Mar-a-Lago Raid…

Commentators soon took to Twitter to accuse Breitbart, an outlet previously managed by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, of doxxing—the practice of identifying a person or releasing personal information about them, often with the aim of enabling targeted harassment. Some also accused Trump of leaking the warrant to Breitbart in hopes of targeting the agents.

crewman • 42 minutes ago

This is clearly to induce stalking, harassment, and threats to these agents and their families. Isn’t there any legal protection for this?

Uncle Mark eats the rainbow • 30 minutes ago • edited

Some folks are going to learn the hard way the perils of declaring war on the FBI. When they act like thugs and declare war on FBI families, it’s not going to having the intimidating effect these MAGA Brownshirts are counting on.

Lil’ Spanky here is gonna get spanked

Anastasia Beaverhousen • 38 minutes ago

Yes, I would fuck around with an FBI agent that has been trained and I a certain is quite good with guns. Yeah, you morons, go show up at their homes.

What, me worry? Anastasia Beaverhousen • 5 minutes ago

It really pisses me off that they go after the children.

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