Texas Investigates Bar That Hosted Drag Event For Kids

The Christian Post reports:

The Texas comptroller said the state has opened an investigation into a Dallas bar that held a drag show for children earlier this summer.

In a statement released Friday, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar identified himself as one of many Texas parents who found themselves “disturbed by the recent images showing children participating in a drag show in the Dallas area, including one of a child placing money in a performer’s undergarment.”

Hegar’s announcement came one day after Republican state Rep. Bryan Slaton [photo] called on Hegar to treat Mr. Misster as a “sexually-oriented business.” As Slaton explained, “Sexually-oriented businesses are required to pay $5 per attendee present and they must also prevent children and sex offenders from attending or participating.”

Read the full article.

Slaton, who is fond of making public appearances carrying an assault weapon and wearing a belt of ammunition, first appeared on JMG in March 2021 when he introduced a bill making abortion a death penalty crime for doctors and even women who undergo the procedure.

Earlier this year he introduced a bill requiring genital exams for trans athletes in public schools.

As I reported in June, extremists mobbed and attempted to enter Mr. Misster during the show, hurling abuse at children and parents.


Teedofftaxpayer • 14 hours ago

As usual the backward asses wants to make something funny as something stupid. And there are people out there who has no idea of the entertainment that Drag shows give. Just another way for the right wing assholes to turn communities against us.

ErnestMc • 17 hours ago

If only children hadn’t been forced to attend this drag event. Oh, wait …

Mihangel apYrs • 17 hours ago

So, parents shouldn’t take their kids to these events, being irresponsible, BUT must be informed if their kids come out, or have related issues.

Jean-Marc Canada – ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ • 17 hours ago

Texass being Texass.

Like Florid’uh, cruelty and violence is the point.

Teedofftaxpayer • 17 hours ago

These backwards assholes have no idea what a drag show it. Their heads are so far up their asses it’s unbelievable.

BKnSF Teedofftaxpayer • 17 hours ago

Exactly. It’s so frickin ridiculous. ‘Entertainment should only be what we the State believes is proper’. The GOP has thrown out western values.

Hank: NO MORE WoW!!! • 17 hours ago

What about “Parents RIGHTS”????

They use that falsehood to Ban Books and teaching TRUTH inSCHOOLS.
So, if a parent wants to take their kids to a Drag Show, do they NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to DO SO???

PickyPecker another_steve • 18 hours ago

but that’s how fascism works. you change your behavior to meet the expectations.

Serene Pumpkin PickyPecker • 18 hours ago

Right. First they get drag queen story time canceled, then all drag shows, then they’ll work on getting all gay bars closed (a child might walk past one!) and all LGBTQ content expunged from TV, movies, and the Internet. Think of the chilllldrennnnnn!

Misutaa Roboto another_steve • 18 hours ago

There is no appeasing them. Their concerns are disingenuous, and if they are allowed to shift the Overton Window, they’ll just keep pushing until they are allowed to criminalize and/or kill us again.

Serene Pumpkin HomerTh • 18 hours ago

If we really want to appease them, we all need to stop existing ASAP. Because our existence is what triggers those delicate snowflakes’ feeeeeelings more than anything.

Mark • 18 hours ago

In the video, I’m noticing a column of cop cars – yet not a single cop is present in the confrontation. WTF?

Hayseed Mark • 18 hours ago

Maybe this?


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