GOP Plots Legal Challenge To Inflation Reduction Act

Please note the deception and hope that some company will sue.   The republicans have farmed out their job of governing to the maga people.   They want the anti-abortion enforcement done by the maga spying on women, the want maga parents / people objecting to the books they want banned, schools can be sued by the public if a parent doesn’t like something just like the Texas abortion bill.    The republicans cannot win on policy, and they cannot win politically on the federal level, so they have to resort be being sneaky assholes.     Hugs

Axios reports:

House Republicans are planning to try to open up Democrats’ $740 billion tax, climate and health care bill to a legal challenge after it passes, Axios has learned. The move is Republicans’ way of showing their base that they’re going to great lengths to kill the legislation, which is likely to be unanimously opposed by House Republicans.

Republicans, led by members of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, plan to get “as many members as possible to vote by proxy” in order to deny Democrats a physical quorum. The bill would still pass, but Republicans hope a company affected by the tax provisions in the bill will then sue to challenge the law’s constitutionality.

Read the full article.


BeccaM • 17 hours ago

As I recall, the proxy thing was already challenged in court once before and bounced immediately because the ruling was, “The Congress of the United States is free to set its own operating rules.”

Ore Carmi • 17 hours ago

They’re upset they lost on this one. They can’t let it go. That is ALL they care about—obstructing anything the Democratic Party does, good or bad. (And generally good.)

Uncle Mark eats the rainbow Ore Carmi • 16 hours ago

They’re vindictive, petty, bitchy little things. Didn’t many of this same lot attempt to repeal Obamacare some 30+ times?

These sore losers are exhausting.

Geoff Ore Carmi • 10 hours ago

Much like American Rescue Plan (ARP) this is a good thing for the Rethugs constituents. A reasonable intelligent person would have voted for IRA, but thats not how Rethugs roll .

One hopes – that the lame ass DNC is ready to run counter programming against each and every single one of these Rethugs in their districts.

I go to my local Rethug’s “town halls” and pepper it with questions about ARP.. but its TaliBama … so its like asking questions to a wall.

Brian Curtis Ore Carmi • 13 hours ago

It’s even more important to block the GOOD bills, to ensure that Democrats can’t take credit for any accomplishment and–gods forbid–become popular by actually serving the public.

Ore Carmi Brian Curtis • 12 hours ago

Which is odd, because when good legislation does pass, Republicans still claim credit for it, even though they worked against it and voted against it. I hate Republicans!

danolgb • 17 hours ago

Biden and the Dems have had massive wins over the last two weeks. It’s very upsetting to the party of No.

Ninja0980 danolgb • 17 hours ago

The judges Biden has been able to put on the courts makes them angry as well.

Gigi • 17 hours ago

The Party Of No strikes again. If only they worked this hard at helping improve the lives of the people who voted for them.

Hank: NO MORE WoW!!! JackFknTwist • 16 hours ago

Actually it stopped in the 90’s with Newt Gingrich. Not just when he decided to go after Bill Clinton!!!

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