Librarian Sues Anti-LGBTQ Activists For Defamation

I want to point out a few facts that seem to hard for the rabid right maga to understand.   Anal sex is not gay.    Not all gay people want anal sex.   A lot of straight couples practice both female and male anal sex because the anal cavity has a lot of nerves that can be pleasurable stimulated and in fact the male “g” spot is up in the butt.   In fact there were reports of teen girls preferring to do anal with their boyfriends as they thought it kept them virgins and reduced the risk of them getting pregnant.   The idea against anal sex is a religious one as it is not sex for procreation but for fun.   The horror of that idea, sex for fun.   These people that are trying to prevent anyone from getting anal sex are also against anyone getting a blow job, because again that is sex for fun.   I really wish the US would break away from that damn 1600 Puritan way of thinking about the human body and sex.    Hugs

The Hill reports:

A librarian in Louisiana filed a lawsuit against two men and a conservative organization, alleging they defamed her when they attacked her for supporting the teaching of books involving the LGBTQ community.

Amanda Jones, a middle school librarian and the president of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians, alleged in the lawsuit that a “public campaign” against her started after she spoke out against removing certain books from the Livingston Parish Library system at a board meeting.

The lawsuit also alleges that Ryan Thames, who runs a Facebook page called “Bayou State of Mind,” posted a meme of Jones on or around July 21, showing her smiling and sitting behind a desk and saying that she advocated teaching anal sex to 11-year-olds.

Reads the full article.

The Twitter account of the above-cited right wing group, Citizens For A New Louisiana, is full of Trump cultist, anti-vax, “stolen election” batshittery.

Ed B • 3 hours ago

Just an aside…
There are actually gay people who are *not* into anal sex.

Crazy, I know.

Elagabalus Ed B • 3 hours ago • edited

And many straights who are. In fact, I’d wager that most of the “sodomy” that’s being “committed” is happening among straights since they represent more than 90% of the population compared to little old us.

Longpole Elagabalus • 2 hours ago

16 year girls can “keep” their virginity by letting their boyfriend butt fuck her.
And, no worry about pregnancy either.

billbear1961 • 3 hours ago

We were 12 and 13, I think, when they told us about the “birds and the bees” in our final year of elementary school and first year of junior high. Anal sex, what it was, was among MANY things we were told about. Nothing was “advocated”–we were told what things were, not how to DO them. As for younger children, say 5 to 10 years old, I would imagine that, especially if they ASKED, you’d tell them some men have boyfriends instead of girlfriends, and they can marry and raise a family; and some women have girlfriends instead of boyfriends, and THEY can ALSO marry and raise a family. There’s nothing very complicated about ANY of this, and nothing SINISTER, except when dishonest people PRETEND there is, and the sly media fan the flames for the sake of sensationalism.

Steven in TX 🏳️‍🌈 ISOLATION billbear1961 • 3 hours ago

It is just this simple.
Welcome back, always love your postings!


Elagabalus • 3 hours ago • edited

The lawsuit also alleges that Ryan Thames, who runs a Facebook page called “Bayou State of Mind,” posted a meme of Jones on or around July 21, showing her smiling and sitting behind a desk and saying that she advocated teaching anal sex to 11-year-olds.

So, in the minds of the cultists, teaching children that LGBT people exist is tantamount to teaching anal sex to children. That’s their “argument.” Good for this librarian for hitting back.

Ninja0980 Elagabalus • 3 hours ago

An age old trope.
Reduce LGBT people to sex acts and it makes it easier to shun and discriminate against them.

JF910 Bambino🇺🇦🌻 • 3 hours ago

“Books and ideas are the most effective weapons against intolerance and ignorance.”
I like wearing this in front of all bigots!

S_E_P • 3 hours ago

In the 70s and 80s there were no books in my school library that discussed lgbt issues. Somehow I became gay anyway. I wonder how?

Mouse 2024 🇺🇸 • 3 hours ago

These fool are worried about books and librarians wile priests and GOP congressmen are arrested daily for molesting children🤔

Stoned and loving it Mouse 2024 🇺🇸 • 2 hours ago

it’s always been do as I say not as I do.

re: TFG signs legislation for handling classified material. TFG violates same.

TuuxKabin • 3 hours ago

Fundraiser for Amanda Jones by Tiffany Whitehead : Legal Fees for Librarian Amanda Jones…

S_E_P • 3 hours ago

Isnt butt sex supposed to be how good xstain girls stay virginal until their married off by their parents?

9 thoughts on “Librarian Sues Anti-LGBTQ Activists For Defamation

    1. Hi Nan and Scottie; I read the linked article…
      For a short while, we are children. For a short while, people shake their head when we pick our nose, have bright green hair, wear outlandish clothes. Today I went for a hair cut, and a kid there likely around 11 or so was having quite the epic pocket pool game going on. I laughed to myself and looked away. It’s only for a short while.
      Too soon we are trapped into mortgage payments, property taxes, health insurance, do I pay for gas or groceries??, damn, how did I get this fat?, and for us in America the dread of April 15th. All Too Damned Soon. There is no time for green hair, and they arrest you for public pocket pool.
      My point: I don’t care if a kid declares themselves to be the queen of scots or a lumberjack named bruno. I don’t care if they want to run around naked or wear a winter coat in July. I don’t care if they chase imaginary pokemon characters, or blast baseballs through the left field fence. ALL I CARE ABOUT is that they are healthy, happy, educated, and able to experience all the wonders of this world. It’s only for a while, and all too soon they will be similarly trapped in adult problems.
      I know you feel similarly, so this is not for you, but those who forget that magic only lasts a little while.


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      1. Randy, dearest brother Randy. I love this! You wrote it so wonderfully. Too many people want to fit everyone in the “normal” box they fit in and understand best. It reminds me of a person who thinks any make or model of something they have is the best of all and everyone should want to have it. If they have a ford *** everyone should want a ford *** or if they use a certain lawn mower that is the one everyone should get. Straight cis people cannot really understand what it is like to not be straight cis kids. Kids need to be kids enough to figure out the world and their place in it, to figure out themselves without self-destruction.

        Randy the thing is people have to unlearn what they use to understand about gender, gender roles, and learn the new way the medical data shows it is. The old way, it is two separate points, new understanding it is a spectrum of infinite points on a line. Same with sexual orientation the old way was every man loves a woman and every woman loves a man because god made the plumbing that way. Science proved that wrong, starting with the Kinsey report and moving on to what we know today, it is a spectrum of infinite points on a line. But it is hard for people to accept the new information. People in the past had trouble accepting that being gay or lesbian were no longer medically considered normal and not a mental illness. Even today I read comments about how being gay is a mental illness, being trans gender is a mental illness. Infact, I read the stuff about trans gender repeatedly today when I posted the information from Newsweek. The comment section was mostly anti-trans bigots.

        Ron asked me why I deal with the bigots on my blog and I remind him of how hard he fought the bigots when he had Andrews Inn the first gay hotel / bar for gays in Springfield VT and the bar where I met him. I do this to help those struggling with the new understandings / changing culture and to fight the bigotry. Love you brother. Hugs


    2. Hello Nan. You know I disagree with him by both personal experience and using medical studies with reason. It is hard for cis and straight people to understand that kids learn about and understand their gender at a very young age. They also understand who they are attracted to at a young age. The reason cis straight people don’t realize this is because in their world there is no difference in how they feel and the people around them. They have no different attraction than is portrayed by mommy and daddy, by straight older siblings and their dates. They see no difference in how they feel and the people on TV who are married, hold hands, even kiss. So they never realized how early they noticed it because it was normal. Same with gender, if you don’t feel different than is expected you never realize that you learned gender when you learned Mr. and Mrs., that you understood mommy was girl and daddy was boy. When As kids playing you felt no disconnect between the accepted toys and games you are expected to play with or things you are expected to do. It is all just normal to you.

      But when you are different inside than others you can feel it and know it early. It can be hard to express, it may be something you have no words for. It is something you learn quickly to hide so you don’t make mommy or daddy mad, or even GOD hate you.

      About his older daughter, what happened is not strange. I don’t what age she “caught the fad” but it is not unusual for kids trying to understand their swirling feelings to develop an attraction to one special friend or a certain trait only to later understand themselves better. I have read of kids having girlfriends before becoming sexually active becoming mostly or fully straight as they grow up. I cannot tell you how many guys I know who were bi first and then admitted to being gay later. Then there was the other way, the “fully straight guys” who were enjoying the sex we were having together often initiating it, who the next day would tell me we cannot do that ever again, please. Until next week … They knew they were somewhat attracted to guys and enjoyed sex with them when they had it, but felt they were supposed to like girls more than they did and tried to suppress that side of their sexuality.

      Here is why it happens. Sexual orientation is a spectrum not a set of predetermined notches. Same with gender, look at the pictures in my side bar. You can be anywhere on that line, fully straight, mostly straight but a bit gay curious, not quite mostly straight but happy that way but willing to experiment, to being in the middle able to enjoy it the same with either gender, to going to the other side of the spectrum in reverse of the start of what I wrote. People slide on that spectrum as they develop their understanding of who they are, and they don’t always stay in the spots they first start.

      Now the last thing I will address is why pronouns are important and why we assign labels to ourselves. Language and how we address each other is based on the understanding that there are differences in people. We all want to be recognized as who we are. You wouldn’t like it if someone referred to you by the wrong pronouns, would you? I used to be called ma’am on the phone until I would give my name and the person would be all embarrassed as they just assumed I was a woman by voice and used the wrong gender word. As pronouns are used to signal gender it helps you recognize my gender and therefore recognize me. It is simply respect. If I tell you I am a boy who goes by Scottie, and you keep using her to refer to me, you are not respecting how I am nor seeing really me who I am.

      As to labels again it is how we differentiate things. Again, the concept seems simple to me. My primary label is human, secondary label I am called Scottie, other labels that apply is cis male, he / him, gay, married, disabled, older, overweight, and the list could go one getting more descriptive. You can label my politics and my other attributes such as hair and eye color. Labels are how we describe ourselves and the world around us. Hugs


  1. Look at that guy. I think the heat and humidity finally got to him. I think he deserves to have people who care about him and can help him. He needs help. He looks like a walking suicide. Looks like he is so far gone, he can’t get out by himself.

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    1. Hello Richard. I think you are referring to the guy in the tweet from Citizens for a New Louisiana. I agree. He seems to think that having books to read is political indoctrination. He clearly has problems with comprehension. People like him love to put things in the comment sections that are not permitted, normally by attacking the LGBTQ+ with slurs, then complain that the comment is removed. I couldn’t stand to listen to him and had to stop the tweet video. These people won’t hear anything that disagrees with their bigotry and hate then blame everyone else for their being disliked. They feel entitled to hate others but feel offended when it is returned to them. Hugs


  2. I like to read joe-my-god on your site for reasons…
    Think you could put some sorta sign in the title (like title – jmg) to let us know that this is a Joe?
    (all mis-spellings I’m blaming on autocorrect)

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    1. Hello RandomTroll. Out of respect to Joe, who is making money off his site which I don’t / won’t do, I put his title, his link, and the information in the post. I used to just post a blurb, but a lot of my viewers wouldn’t go any farther. But doing it this way I know that people have started following him because they know I don’t post all his stuff. He has far too many good posts for me to use, and so they go there now to read what they might have missed. I don’t know how he manages to always post such interesting.

      I think I understand what you are asking, and I think I can do that. I suspect you like to read the comments here or what ones from there I choose. Maybe you like to make sure I am being faithful to the original. The only thing that saddens me is you are suggesting you only care about the JMG posts I do? Thanks for the suggestion. Hugs


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