THE ATLANTIC: Liz Cheney, the Republican From the State of Reality

Liz Cheney, the Republican From the State of Reality
She isn’t really fighting to keep her seat in Congress. She’s fighting Donald Trump.

Read in The Atlantic:

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10 thoughts on “THE ATLANTIC: Liz Cheney, the Republican From the State of Reality

  1. Hi Scottie;
    I think articles like this almost need a warning label. IF we consider Pres. Reagan as a measure for conservative right, where do you think Cheney falls? She speaks of folks lining up to have kids then kill them after birth with abortions. She believes that every billionaire needs less taxes and the rest of us need to pay more. She voted along with Trump’s wishes for what?… like 98% of the time? And the scariest thing in the world is that she is considered TOO LIBERAL by the republicans????
    I agree with her when she says there is a domestic threat.


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    1. Hello Randy. I agree. I like that some media people are reminding the left of what you mentioned. There is a danger of the left having rose colored glasses thinking that because she is attacking trump she must have become a democrat or moved to the left. But she is a hard right republican always has been and always will I bet. She refused to go to her own sister’s wedding because it would hurt her politically. Hugs


      1. Like ALL politicians, she’s playing her “anti-tRump” role to the hilt in hopes of gaining votes from an otherwise antagonistic crowd. And unfortunately, in many areas she is succeeding.

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        1. Hello Nan. I know you keep warning me about how uninformed people are, but it stuns me how with the limited good press she has gotten attacking trump the left seems to complete have a different idea of who she is compared to the reality of who she has been. But still I think if she tried to run for president, she would hurt the republican candidate not the democratic one. Hugs


  2. Luckily, this was my “last free article” in this publication … and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. She’s one brave and determined woman … and it’s so very sad and unfortunate that the tRumpsters are so blinded to that. I think it would be totally awesome if she surprised all the prognosticators of her loss … but unfortunately, they’re probably correct in their predictions.

    You know, the thing is … the TRUE Republican stance on government isn’t all that bad. But it’s been so garbagenized by tRump and his cohorts that nearly anyone who has the (R) before their name is immediately suspect in today’s world.

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    1. Hello Nan. I have always thought of republicans as garbage people simply because they put money and wealthy over the needs of the people. I guess I because anti-republican when Reagan lowered the funding for school lunches and made ketchup a vegetable. Yes I was following politics way back then. But I agree they have gotten much much worse since Reagan. Hugs

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  3. Getting primaried out is the best thing that can might happen: she’ll spend the next two years running against drumpf uck for president, either as a traditional repub or as a third-party spoiler*. A great example of the enemy of my enemy not being my friend, we have to remember just what traditional repubs are, what they represent, the things they believe in. We should do all we can to encourage and facilitate that intraparty schism because it benefits us all in the long run.

    *I think more likely the former, with drumpf uck the snot-nosed spoiler …

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. Thank you, I agree. We must not let her do such a makeover that we forget she is the viper that will strike us without a second thought to get what she wants. And like all republicans what she wants is her own power to create the world she craves. The wealthy, and the worker slaves that make the wealthy more money. Hugs


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