‘How dare they’: Legendary journalist on GOP rhetoric

8 thoughts on “‘How dare they’: Legendary journalist on GOP rhetoric

    1. Hello Roger. Don’t you find that everything the republicans accuse other of doing is a confession of what the republicans themself are doing. They attacked Hillary for using a private email, yet most of the trump administration did that including Ivanka and Jared. The more trouble they get into the wilder their claims that others are doing it or have done it before them. They are the worst little kids blaming everyone else for everything they do, often before they are asked. Yes Gingrich, why is he still here? He is a washed up voted out old politician that has no relevance still trying to spout defenses for the crimes the republicans are doing. But what he says is over the top silly and makes no sense to anyone but the cult of trump. Hugs

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    1. Hello Keith. I remember that a Chinese woman thought to be a spy just walked into Mar-a-Lago, she had 8 thumb drives on her full of malware. She told the desk she was a guest of a member going to use the pool and they waved her through. She was caught walking around the offices by accident. Think of that.
      The material is in a storage room off the pool that all the maintenance people and the staff had access to. Infact the room was not locked until the DOJ insisted. But those people still had to have access so a padlock made no difference, access was not guarded or nor was there a guard with a written record even checking IDs.
      One thing that was constantly talked about when trump was first elected was he refused to use a secured phone. He wanted his iPhone and wouldn’t let anyone take it or replace it. He was well known for using his private unsecured phone in calls about all aspects of the government. All the things he heard that day. The intel community reported they were finding cell phone capture devices all around the public streets around the White House and Mar-a-Lago. Think about that, the foreign governments were capturing everything trump was broadcasting with his phone, and in fact it came out a lot of them were tracked back to the Israeli government. Nice to have friends. Hugs

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      1. Scottie, we probably only have seen the tip of the iceberg. Think of Trump meeting alone without escort with Putin. Or, his meeting or talking with any leader. They would do their homework and be prepared, while he would get briefings from pictures and a lot of white space (per more than one book about the Trump White House) as he professes not liking to read. Keith

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        1. Great point Keith. I wonder how much damage has been done to the national security during his presidency. I wonder if the intel agencies fed him disinformation or withheld stuff from him to protect the sources and the nation. Hugs


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