Flamingo dads adopt chick abandoned by biological parents


This post is for all those who claim homosexuality is not natural.   Same sex relationships / sex in the animal kingdom is very well documented.   Which means that the bigots must now admit that OK it is inborn and happens in some people but god meant you cannot act on it.    Yet his other animal creations are allowed to do so?   Why would he be OK with them doing that but not the human animal?   Plus notice that the gays are always loving enough to accept and care for those kids that the straights want to ignore or throw away.    Hugs

Flamingo dads adopt chick abandoned by biological parents
Photo: Whipsnade Zoo

An abandoned baby flamingo has found new life with a couple of longtime flamingo dads.

At ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, northwest of London, pink-feathered fathers Hudson and Blaze were chosen by zoo keeps to take responsibility for hatching an egg abandoned by the soon-to-be chick’s bio parents.

The American flamingo egg (Phoenicopterus ruber) was popped in an incubator while the bird team at the zoo, the UK’s largest, searched for adoptive parents.

They didn’t have to look far.

Team leader Tim Savage said: “Flamingos usually work together, as a monogamous pair, to care for their eggs and subsequent chicks. Hudson and Blaze were the clear choices for the incubated egg, as they have always proved to be ideal parents.”

Among the zoo’s whole “flamboyance”, or group of flamingos, the same-sex couple was known by staff for taking exceptional care of their shared bird crib. After the egg was handed over, the pair sat tight until it hatched.

“After the chick hatched in their nest, they sat with it for two weeks, keeping it warm and protecting it from other flamingos, who often squabble and shove around different nest sites,” Savage said.

As parents, male flamingos share some of the same traits found in females, making a same-sex upbringing a natural choice. The bright red “crop milk” that sustains chicks after hatching is produced by both males and females of the species.

“The same hormone that regulates milk production in mammals, regulates the production of crop milk,” said Savage. “It’s stimulated by the mother or father’s experience of sitting on an egg and watching the chick hatch.”

“The milk is made in the linings of their digestive tract and contains fat, protein and blood cells. You can often spot the new parents in a group because they give so much of their own pigment to their chicks that they almost turn white!”

Same-sex flamingo pairs have been observed at the Zoo before, as have thruples, with a mix of male and female birds in one nest. Penguins are also known to form same-sex pairings during the breeding season.

The dad couple’s adopted kiddo, still covered in a downy coat of grey feathers, is out of the nest, but they’re keeping a pair of pink birds’ eyes on it.

10 thoughts on “Flamingo dads adopt chick abandoned by biological parents

    1. Hello Roger. I wish I could make it a life lesson for those that believe their god hates homosexuality and same sex marriages. They really need to see this loving gesture and if they really think their god designed everything then they have to admit he designed these birds / animals to be a gay couple who raise children. If he did it for the animals, why not for humans? Seems he did. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. I posted this morning a guy running for office as a republican that claims homosexuality is such an abomination to god that god demands they be killed, put to death. He also called being gay to an “insidious addiction”. He really hates the LGBTQ+. I don’t understand how some people can have so much hate in them for something that doesn’t affect them. Hugs

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          1. The question to ask him:
            Please quote the passage from the New Testament Gospels in which Jesus Christ says this.
            He will babble, the response is to keep on asking him the same question.
            Reprehensible little heretic and blasphemer.

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            1. Roger I love the way you put that. I get so tired of fighting back against what those “Reprehensible little heretic and blasphemer” are pushing. Some days I just have to ask how do they have so much hate in them? Why? Sorry today I am just tired. Hugs

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                1. Hello Roger. Doesn’t it take more to hate than to be kind or just tolerate that which is different? There are many things I don’t understand that I am tolerant of other people doing, I wouldn’t waste my time /effort to hate or be angry at it. If it doesn’t affect me, why would I expand the effort to hate? But I guess I am not making money from the hate either. Hugs

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                2. “But I guess I am not making money from the hate either.”
                  You got in spot on Scottie!👏👏
                  Folk talk about arms manufacturers.
                  There’s more money and careers being made out of hate….cheaper too, less outlay and research (in fact less research the better)
                  Take care man.
                  The world needs more Scotties.

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