Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for saying teachers are “monsters” turning kids transgender

Again let me go over the facts for those that have the mistaken idea that this is happening.   Boys know their gender and their sexual orientation in their preteen middle school years clearly.   Teen boys know their gender and sexual orientation, ever hear the phrase “girl crazy” and teen boys trying desperately to get a girl to have sex with them.    Their hormones are on over drive.   Now also remember kids are desperate to fit into the majority, and the majority are straight cis kids.   Trans, gay, and lesbian are really the minority.   One that is frequently the victim of bullying, malicious or vicious attacks by the bigot straight cis kids.   Yes more tolerance in some schools / places were happening but it is not roses and sunshine to be a kids who is different from others.   It is not fun to be the odd one out.   Why do you think it is so important for schools to push a message of tolerance and acceptance, to have supportive groups like the gay / straight alliances.   But in many red states that is all gone now.  
Now take that situation and tell a boy that he must dress as a girl, live as a girl, go by a girl’s name, wear his hair as a girl, act as a girl does, use female pronouns all the time.   Not just for a day but a whole school year.    Tell him he will have to struggle to get to the bathroom and will often be screamed at by adults or other kids when in public if he uses a public women’s toilet.   Tell him that he will be forced to change his clothes in a separate bathroom that may be a long way from the locker rooms or in the coach’s office, then dressed as a girl do girls’ PE.    That boy will freak.   He will beg you not to make him.   I bet they would beg for extra schoolwork instead or be willing to work after school doing your yard work for free.    Anything but making them live a girl.   So this idea that it a fad or lark, or kids are doing it for fun makes no sense.   Hugs
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor GreenePhoto: Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is getting mocked online for suggesting that teachers are lying to boys to turn them into transgender women.

“Parents raise your boys to be men and protect them from teachers who try to deceive them to become women,” Greene wrote. “Guard your children from such monsters in these evil days.”

Her post doesn’t seem to be a reference to any specific story, since this isn’t something that happens in the real world. Several of her supporters responded with stories about teachers using their transgender students’ pronouns, which is not what Greene was discussing.

Greene’s critics, on the other hand, mocked her for her latest conspiracy theory.


2 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for saying teachers are “monsters” turning kids transgender

    1. Hello Nan. She is a troll. She does no legislative committee work, her entire job is to get attention for her self and her party. This is what the people pay lawmakers of the republican party to do, attack and belittle anyone they disagree with. No civil discourse or debate, no social manners, just attack and insult like gang thugs. Hugs

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