We went to vote today, and I am in serious pain

Yesterday Ron was not feeling well and went to take a nap all afternoon.  I stepped up to help by making supper.    I made videos of it that I will post later, someday.   I took some grilled chicken Ron had seasoned and cooked on the grill and made a chicken chili out of it with my own mixture of seasoning.    Everyone here loved it.  But the effort was so painful I had to take extra medications and then went to bed with very little in my stomach.   So long story short, we went for our walk this morning, something that all my doctors claim is helping my health / blood work, then got showered and went out to vote.   *** yes we went to vote in the primary in our district in Florida.***    But there was a problem.    After our walk my pain levels soared and my back gave out.   I simply couldn’t stand more than a couple minutes.   In the house I was using my canes.   But I knew that I couldn’t stand for the length of time we had to do in the last time we went to vote, also I knew I couldn’t stand to mark the ballot.  I was in so much pain Ron had to drive.   So I did something I don’t like to do, I took my walker.    Yes I hate to admit it, but I use a walker when the muscles in my back won’t support me or I cannot stand for any length of time.  

Ron drove us to the voting place, which was unusual in that normally I drive, but my pain levels were too high for me to safely do so.  Ron got out and brought my walker to me which really was not necessary I felt, I could walk to the trunk.   Little did I know how soon my back would fail.    

The difference between the lower income minority districts in Florida we used to go to early voting years ago and this new facility in a majority white area I have posted about before.   I have told how I simply couldn’t stand in line and the obstructions to get mail in ballots it took to simply vote that year almost stopped Ron and I from being able to vote.   But the difference between that to the early voting in our area now is stunning.  

First plenty of parking and even if Ron had not found a handicap parking space right near the door, we still would have had lots of space to park. (Unlike the other place that had no parking that Ron had to drop me off and then go to park blocks away) Then as we walked up to the three set of entry doors a worker inside hit a switch that automatically opened the door for us seeing I was using my walker.  After we entered, I thanked that person and without looking asked where I should go to vote.   The signs and staff that were lined up should have given the hint.   However, a staff member came forward and took Ron and I right to the voting room, but there was no line so if they had simply pointed, we would have found it.   But the thing is my need for my walker triggered a lot of extra care.  The worker took us to the door and a second worker took me right to the check in person only 20 feet across the room.  She could have pointed but she walked with me there.   There was no line at that time, and it was about 15 minutes after they opened.   Then at the check-in I gave my information and had to sit on the seat of my walker, my back was so stressed I couldn’t stand even for that.  

After I showed my driver’s license and signed the pad saying it was me, there was something new.   The poll worker still had my driver’s license and asked me to mimic the signature on the license as best as I could on the pad with either my finger or the stylus.  I never have been able to sign the tablet sign things either in the pharmacy or my doctor’s office that use them with my finger.  It comes out squiggly lines.   However the signature on my driver’s license is really good and readable.  So she explained it and flipped the screen to me, I stood up and standing on shaky legs I tried to sign my name.   I was a disaster, and I admit it.  A bunch of hoops and loops with a few letters being readable.   I apologized and said I would try again when this nice older white lady said without even turning the screen back to her that it was OK, the signatures matched.  I thanked her.  

After we left I asked Ron if he had the same thing and he said yes but that the poll worker did turn the screen around and look to verify his.  So this is the perfect way to stop someone from voting that the poll worker from whatever party doesn’t want to vote.  No matter what they do the signature won’t match!   Remember the republican anti-democratic party wants to prevent any non-white republican voters from being able to vote and has put a lot of money into training poll workers how to block “those voters”.

The nice poll worker printed my ballot and gave me the ballot, added a cover for it, and a pen, and said “Thank you for voting”.   I had already thanked her for being a poll worker as we need as many people willing to do the hard unpaid work of democracy as possible.  I stood up and asked if there was a place for me to sit to vote?   Normally there are several long tables for disabled voters to sit to do their ballot.   The lady told me yes, go all the way to the back of the room.   What the Fuck!  But I started that way and as I got close another poll worker came up to me and took me to the TWO spots at a small table set aside for those that need to sit to vote in a retirement area of Florida with a senior population.   A poorer senior population.   The last time I voted there they had three long tables set up for people that needed to sit to fill out the ballot. 

This poll worker directed me to the place and made sure I had what I needed to vote.  She was also responsible for directing people to the four scanning machines for the ballots, telling them how to insert them, checking to make sure they were read, and then directing them to the door to drop off their ballot sleeve and pen.  I think she / that position deserved at least another person to help her.     

Ron had chosen the standing voting place as close to the place I was sitting so he could watch when I was done and move with me.   We both had the voting list I had done up.   Ron told me later he was really concerned because he noticed how shaky I was at the sign in and then going to the table and sitting down.  He was not going to leave his voting spot until I got up.  

I carefully filled out my ballot, struggled to my feet using my walker, and started to the line marked to turn in your ballot.   Ron stepped up behind me.  Again the poll worker that had taken me to the small sit down table stepped up and took me to a reader and explained how to insert it, making the others like Ron wait.  Then as I did mine she told the other people of which there was only Ron and one other person what to do.   

One last example of how different it is in this polling place.  When you exit the room they have it set up that you leave a back door and walk around the side of the building back to the parking lot.   The poll worker lady taking the sheeves and pens had already taken Ron’s and seeing he was helping me told him, move the strap rope barricading the hallway back to the front so he, meaning me, won’t have to try to walk around, which Ron thanked her and did.   We walked out the short distance we came in rather than around the outside of the building.  

So we voted in the Florida primaries.    Ron thanked me for all the effort I made to vet the candidates, and I thanked him for taking me there and helping me through it.  For two old farts who have been together going on 33 years we do OK.   But I worry at the traps for those not old white people in voting in Florida.   This year DeathSantis has made it even harder for minorities to vote while he and his party claim illegal voting is rampant.  Not only has he with the force of government put a strangle hold on minority voting but with his new election police he has chilled any minority voting of those who are not sure they should vote.   That should be checked at the polls as it was done for me.   But now DeathSantis announces that his election police found 30 felons that voted that shouldn’t have and they will prosecute them.   But remember after the 2020 election the state of Florida said there was no illegal voting they could find.   What is the goal here?    To prevent as much minority voting as possible!   Why?  Because minorities tend not to vote for the party that claims only white straight Christian cis males have all the rights.   It is voter suppression taken to the next level.  

OK Now for me and why I have not been online answering comments or posting.   Yes when we got home, I sat at my desk and put both computers back online.   So much news, so many things I felt I should post.    I wanted to get right to it.   But my pain levels had a different idea.   I went to lay down.   I have gotten up at various times during the day and tried to focus on the news and blogging, but the best I could do was to watch videos.  I would watch some, go back and lay down.  Repeat.   Take pain medication.   Repeat.  I got up and watched a few videos, James made a great supper, and I am writing this post after taking even more pain medication.   If I take too much longer to do this Ron may drag me out of my chair to the bedroom to lay down again and go to bed for the night.   He got really upset seeing how shaky it was for me to stand at the voting place.   He wouldn’t even stop at the local publix to get our flu shots but insisted on taking me home.   

Ok going to proofread this and then go to bed as Ron is getting really insistent on it, and hopefully in the morning I can start on the 8 days of comments I have not replied to.   Hugs and love to all.    Scottie

17 thoughts on “We went to vote today, and I am in serious pain

    1. Hello Roger. Thank you and your wife for your best wishes. This afternoon I am finally able to sit at my desk and do some work that has been piling up. In Florida us older white voters have it easy most of the time to vote, because republicans assume we will vote for them. But they make it miserable for people of color / young white people to vote. It is scary that the party that talks constantly about democracy and the constitution hates democracy and is trying to destroy the rights in the constitution. They hate democracy because in democracy all the people get to vote. Yet the republicans are trying their best to stop a lot of legitimate voters from voting and they are trying to claim they never lose. It is a rigged or stolen election if the democrats win. The republicans think only they have the right to public office because they want to rule, not govern for the people. Hugs

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      1. We’re glad you are feeling a measure better Scottie, and hope this continues. For the world does need Scottie and Ron.
        There is nothing new going on in Florida. If folk read more sober histories, they would not be fooled by these obvious games. A re-run of how the South disenfranchised the African American population. Moves not dissimilar to states in which the more extremes of Left or Right try and maintain a facade of democracy. Eventually they are thrown out, though the process is often painful.
        If they think they can build a permanent structure, then they are fools who have bought into their own snake oil merchant sales pitch.

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        1. Hello Roger. You mentioned that this stopping voting and authoritarianism has been done by the left as well as the right? I had thought authoritarianism and fascism were traits of the right side of the political spectrum. Hugs

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          1. Sadly no Scottie.It is in the nature of the extremes of the political spectrum to impose. Left wing states such as Venezuela; the East European ones of the Cold War, Cuba, Angola, to name but a few all had ostensibly Left Wing ‘Peoples’ governments, but clamped down hard on dissent.
            Left wing governments, even moderates in their urge to have an equal society tend to try and level that society by legislation rather than discussion.
            I admit to being of that stripe, with an authoritarian streak quite wide. As I have warned Jill, if ‘I were in charge’, folk such as you, Jill, Keith and Jeff would soon be muttering ‘This is not what we signed up for,’ and the mutterings would over time grow louder.
            Just as well I never went into politics

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            1. Hello Roger. I had not realized that Cuba and Venezuela were left leaning governments. I thought communism, which was what I thought Cuba was, were an authoritarian dictatorship like China and the old USSR. I thought those were fascist governments so they would be on the right. I guess I did not understand, in my defense I went to high school in the late 1970s where I was taught any government not like the US was evil and needed to be fought against until they were overthrown, and the people got our US style democracy which is what all the people of the world wanted. Note the last part, I was taught that all the people in the world wanted US democracy, they were just being kept from it. Then I went to Germany for 3 years, and I found out the rest of the world did not think as highly of us as we were told they did. Hugs

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              1. That’s the problem with politics Scottie, every system has its own clutch a contradictory opinions, underlaid with some hypocrisy, and whether true believers like it and there is a definite nationalism into the mix.
                The trick is being self-critical, looking in a mirror and thinking ‘Uh-oh. Did you really mean that?’
                Communism and Socialism have roots in the same system which came from Marx, Engels and the like of the 19th century, though some of the responsible social teachings of branches of religions have played an influence (in fact are usual at the long-ignored roots of most).
                At some stage, early on Communism and Socialism parted ways and then also fragmented into a myriad of squabbling groups. In some cases the loathing greater than for the ‘Capitalists’ or Right Wing groupings.
                After all these years and based on historical evidence I would say the basic difference between the mission statements of Socialism and Communism is as follows:
                Socialism seeks a job for every person, Communism seeks a person for every job.
                In the finality though, whereas we can admit Democracy is a poor and flawed form of government, all the alternatives are far worse.
                Humanity has a long way to go; let us hope we do not run out of time.
                Take care, you guys.
                Roger & Sheila

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    1. Hello Brother. I see you sent a message via Skype and I will respond either tonight or tomorrow. Been a hard week and half for me. I hope you have been well, I know that it has been rough for you also. Yes years after DeathSantis gave a press conference claiming no fraud because he won and did not want it questioned, now he is trying to scare people who may not know if they can legally vote or may have had a run in with the law from even trying to vote or finding out if they can. It is all an attempt to keep people or color or those that might support his opponent from voting. Plus he needs to keep looking tough to the maga base that love to follow the most alpha male in the pack. Talk soon this weekend. Hugs

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    1. Hello Keith. I have been slow to bounce back from the high pain levels because I am trying to do more. The natural way to deal with pain and the instinct is to stop doing what causes the pain, to sit more, to not do as much. That was what my other doctors used to tell me, and what I have done for 20 years, slow down, back off. Sit more, do less. It has gotten to the point where if I try to fry eggs before I can get them done and the toast buttered my back would give out, the pain so bad I couldn’t stand up. It has gotten to where Ron did not even want me to take the trash bags out of the inside trash containers and take them outside. It has me scared. So I talked to my doctors, and they are helping me increase my activity so I don’t end up back a wheelchair again. But every part of that increases my pain so that the recovery time is longer.

      But it is all good, it is improving my health in the long run even though there is a significant increase in pain. As for voting I feel it is more than a privilege and even more than a right, but I feel it is a duty of the people in a democracy. I feel that restricting eligible voters as the republicans are trying to do is the deliberate destruction of democracy. Hugs

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        1. Hello Keith. Swimming might help but it is a hassle for me to use the pool and I don’t care for the pool area here. About 7 years ago we got a home hot tub that works great for me. But we had to move it a few years ago due to construction we were doing on the house and have not got it running since. The plan was to have it running by now in the new family room Ron built last year but things have not progressed as fast as we wanted them to. It will be up and running soon. I love it for my muscles. Hugs


    1. Hello Nan. Thank you. As you know I have a passion for politics and feel strongly for the issues I support or am against. Ron is not as politically engaged as I am but we both have a life long commitment to voting. He is leaving in a few days and wouldn’t be here for the normal full voting day so we both wanted to get it done. We normally vote in early voting as it is not so hectic. Hugs

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