NEW: Florida Court RULES 16-year-old not ‘mature enough’ for abortion at 10 weeks

A Florida Appeals Court ruled that a child with no parents could not terminate her pregnancy because the Court found she was not ‘mature enough’ to make the decision and so the State of Florida will compel birth.

6 thoughts on “NEW: Florida Court RULES 16-year-old not ‘mature enough’ for abortion at 10 weeks

    1. Hello Nan. Thank you for mentioning my post on this, that was really nice of you. I know I was playing the part of mind reader in my comment on your post. I should have pointed out better that this was my opinion based on reading stuff on right wing media and clips I have seen on other shows. It really seems to me that there is this mistaken feeling on the right that all girls want or should want to have babies and if they don’t there is something wrong with them. That if a girl instead wants a career or doesn’t want a husband to care for then something is wrong with them. Bad upbringing or something. Plus any girl that cannot see a ten week zygote is a human baby and to abort it is murder and against gods normal plan for women so clearly is an immature little girl that needs others to make decisions for her. Hugs


  1. Congrats for all the men out there, you now have, control over what WE women do with our, bodies, and, our bodies are, no longer, within, our own, “jurisdictions” here, and, women’s rights went back to, the cavemen, days here…

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. It is stunning and incredible to me that we have gotten to this point. Society had started to grow up and understand women / females were humans with the same wants / desires / feelings / needs as men / males. We had started to understand that women were not property or simply baby incubators. But some highly fundamentalists religious men decided they couldn’t live with that understanding and change in society any longer. I hope this is temporary. I guess just like with the LGBTQ+ rights, we need to start the fight to protect and gain them all over again. Only this time we all have more allies and are joined in the fight. Hugs


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