Pharmacists who refused Plan B wins case in another blow to women’s rights

Another day, another example of the radical Christian take over of every aspect of public life. A Minnesota Pharmacist who was sued because they denied emergency due to religious reasons has won their case. If you don’t believe in your job, you shouldn’t have that job. Pharmacist gets to downplay danger and seriousness on Fox News, the network that pumps out misinformation like they are getting paid billions to do it… oh wait. We need a major reform on whether “my religion” is an excuse to deny people healthcare, service, or any other public good. Or we should have separate religious pharmacies for assholes who don’t want to do their job because of cherry-picked bigotry and misogyny from their favorite fairy-tale fan fiction.

3 thoughts on “Pharmacists who refused Plan B wins case in another blow to women’s rights

  1. They can build their own religious pharmacies and work there. Shame. I can recall a young woman who came before our court to get a youthful minor in possession of cereal malt beverage expunged so she would be accepted to pharmacy school, with 2 high level bachelor degrees. But they wouldn’t take her with that on her record. It must not be so strict anymore.

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    1. Hello Ali. What we are seeing is religious privilege. What do religions believe, their church members can be forgive any sin or transgression. But the others not of the church or not a believer must be punished with the harshest punishment including never ending torment for any sin or personal character failure. These very vocal driven people are trying to make the US a theocracy. They are trying to carve out religious privilege over any other rights. They want to be a Christian Taliban. Hugs

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