Another FL Villages Resident Gets Off For Voter Fraud

The villages are a republican maga stronghold.   They tend to have more retirement money than most maga thugs, but they are just as rabid, vocal, and feel even more entitled than the lower income magas.   DeathSantis holds rallies and events there and made sure that they had the first shot for the Covid vaccines he supported for wealthy republicans but publicly tried to deny for lower incomes.   Remember that a black woman in Texas voted with a provisional ballot because she was told she was able to vote but was unsure.   Her ballot was not counted.  She got sentenced to 5 years in prison even after the court was shown she received a letter telling her she had her right to vote returned.   But there is no such thing as white privilege is there.  Hugs

Click Orlando reports:

A third resident of The Villages has admitted to voting twice during the 2020 election, court records show.

Joan Halstead, 73, entered a pretrial intervention program Wednesday that will allow her to avoid potential prison time if she successfully completes court-ordered requirements such as performing community service and attending a civics class.

Halstead acknowledged her guilt as part of her agreement with prosecutors. Two other residents of The Villages accused of voting twice, Charles Barnes and Jay Ketcik, signed similar pretrial intervention contracts earlier this year.

Read the full article.


Elagabalus • a minute ago

“But you won’t find Ron a DeSantis holding a press conference about voting fraud in the fraud Capitol of Florida”

And you won’t hear a word about it on Fox, Newsmax, or OAN. For those viewers, it’s like it didn’t even happen.

Macbill • 6 minutes ago

Good thing she was the right color.

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