Morning disaster in Scottie’s world again.

This morning I got up at five, already awake for a while.   I was in good shape, pain under control and eager to start comment replies.   So I did the first chores of the morning, shut the alarm system off, clean the cat box and take it out to the pail, start the coffee, feed the inside cat, water inside cat, start the computers, feed the outside cats.    I got my first cup of coffee and sat down at my desk ready to start.  

I noticed that the graphics were not quite right on the video computer and so looked at the settings of the graphic cards control panel.   A lot of the controls were gone, and I was unable to change over to the card.   The system was running entirely on the onboard graphics, the one built into the motherboard.   What the heck?   So I looked at the onboard programs thinking that something had recently changed.   I decided to unload and reload the graphics card, but that did not solve anything.   I tried to uninstall the programs for the onboard graphics and that did not change the system to using the card.   Using the task manager I could not only see the graphic processing unit (GPU) the system was using and I couldn’t get it to change to the card.   I was frustrated.   I had just bought the cards and I loved how they worked with my system.   What could be the problem?   

Still thinking it was a recent update from intel on their graphics program I dumped the hard drive of the video computer and started to install the programs.   But after I installed the graphic card and the control panel I found the same problems.   So I dumped it again, this time disabled the onboard graphics and installed the drives / control panel for the graphics cards.   No change, and I notice that when I removed the onboard graphics from the system I couldn’t get the screen size correct for my screen and the resolution settings were locked out.   I had never seen this.   I shut of the monitors to see if that system would resize the monitor settings on the computer.   Nope.   So at 10:00 I decided to see if I could use a different output on the card in case the output I was using seemed to have a problem, since nothing else had worked.   I slowly worked myself down on the floor because when James redid the system last week he put both computers and the backup batteries under the desk which has an almost full length from the desktop to the floor partition.   As I looked up under the partitions I seen the problem right away and started to swear.  I think I might have shouted.   I had been working on this problem since five in the morning looking for the problem in the wrong place and was on the floor, a place I shouldn’t be.   

Ron came running to see what was wrong.   He knew I had a computer problem.   James was still up getting ready to leave on their trip tonight.   I told both of them I knew why the system wouldn’t use the card no matter what I did with the settings or programing, I knew why the onboard graphics had taken over the display system.   The HDMI cable going to the monitor was plugged in to … not the graphics card outputs but instead to the onboard graphics output.  James had not hooked the system up correctly.    He sputtered then said “Well you did not tell me it was supposed to connect to the graphics card”.   He had done that to both systems.   

James helped me up, and he got down and changed the cable on both systems.   On the computer still up and running I check and sure enough the system was returned to normal with the graphics card running the display system.   Now it was past 10:30 and I still had a computer that I needed to dump again, and reinstall windows, reset all the settings in both the control panel and the windows settings, then install all the windows updates, all my programs, update them, and go through all the computer settings again.   Then do the system security / privacy programs settings.   Then lastly do the system cleanups and defrags.    All because James did not understand what to use the graphic card outputs to allow the system to use the card for display. 

Well now after 12:30,  I am heading over to the comments, see you there.    Hugs  

2 thoughts on “Morning disaster in Scottie’s world again.

    1. Hello Nan. No I did not scold him, as you say his heart was in the right place. I admit I was a bit upset. I just never thought I would have to explain or tell him stuff like that. When he was a kid he was interested in computers, so I often let him help me fix computers and talk to him about computer stuff. I showed him how to replace components and take apart laptops. Granted that was a long time ago and he has not continued to be that interested in them. He uses an Apple laptop, so he doesn’t have to think of the screen hook up. I admit I miss having both of them around here at home. Hugs

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