Arkansas Cops Caught on Tape Brutally Attacking Man

Wow this guy is white and they beat the crap out of him.  I would be surprised if he doesn’t have permanent lifelong health issues and harm from this.    While three of them hold him down they bang his head on the concrete, they kick and stomp on him, and one guy knees him repeatedly either in the kidneys which will destroy them, or on his hip which will crumble it.   No matter what the man might have done this is not the job of the police, this is a gang of thugs.  Police have the job of arresting  / detaining people for trial, not administering vigilante justice.   Hugs

Arkansas cops brutally assault a man on the street. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. 

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“Three police officers in Arkansas were taken off duty after they were caught on camera beating up a suspect they were placed under arrest.

The video blew up when it was posted to social media on Sunday, showing an officer and two deputies as they pinned a man to the ground and repeatedly struck him outside a convenience store. Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante said to the media, announcing two of his deputies would be suspended while Arkansas state police and the sheriff’s office investigate the incident.

“About the video circulating social media involving two Crawford County deputies, we have requested that Arkansas State Police conduct the investigation, and the deputies have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation,” Damante’s office announced. “I hold all my employees accountable for their actions and will take appropriate measures in this matter.”*

2 thoughts on “Arkansas Cops Caught on Tape Brutally Attacking Man

  1. I saw this earlier on one my news sites. IMO, no matter WHAT the guy did (except maybe shoot and kill someone), there is NO justification for this type of beating. Aren’t these guys “trained” to handle difficult cases without sitting on them and banging their heads against the sidewalk?

    Perhaps not. 😠

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    1. Hello Nan. Police now are trained to demand and expect instant obedience. The worst crime a person can commit is to disobey a cop in the minds of the police. Look at what they do right away, they order people around or to give them information the person is not required to give, but if the person refuses they arrest them for obstruction or resisting arrest. Often resisting arrest is the only charge when they book them. But what were they being arrested for? Resisting arrest. WTF. The sad fact is the US is a police state, but it is not the federal government in charge of the police, in many areas the police are their own governing bodies and have been for a long time. Hopefully that is changing, but the police union is fighting any controls or restrictions on cops’ authority or actions.

      As for de-escalation back in the late 1980s early 1990s I was trained in ways to do that and to not let my temper get the better of me no matter what the person said or did. Force used could only be as much as required to control the situation and must be decreased when the need for force lessened or stopped. Deadly force could only be used to prevent grave bodily injury or death to myself or others and couldn’t be used on a fleeing person unless that person was about to cause grave bodily injury or death to another person. The rules back then were simple and strict. The police were not angels and yes sometimes a cop would punch a perp several times, but it was rare and the officer was held to a standard of conduct internally if not officially. I have seen officers’ spit on, hit, kicked, called every name in the book and they did not react by giving the beatings they openly do today. Today these cops are just gang thugs. Hugs

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