DeSantis Calls For Assaulting Fauci: “Somebody Grab That Little Elf And Chuck Him Across The Potomac” – JMG

A state governor is calling for a person to be assaulted.   Think about that.  A governor acting like a thug because he knows the base he needs for reelection are a cult gang of thugs.  Forget that this Dr. Fauci has done nothing wrong they just hate him because he disagreed with their cult leader and he works for the government.  tRump was the president making the decisions and ordering the lockdowns.   But the cult cannot admit their leader did anything wrong, so they attack a worker with no authority to do what they claim.    That is beside the point.  The highest elected office holder in the state is calling for an illegal act of abuse and harm to be done to a person, knowing his angry base of emotional gun carrying violent thugs might attempt to harm that person as he calls for.   This is what passes for republican leadership!  This is what the republican party is now.  They used to say they were the party of law and order, now they are the party of getting their way regardless of the laws by being violent thugs intimidating everyone else.   Is this democracy, or is it something that is seen in dictatorships or states run by drug war lords?   My dogs that love gravy the state of Florida used to be a swing state, used to have more democrats than republicans.  But now with this king of cult gun loving thugs flocking to the state we have become hard right maga land.  DeathSantis rules like Saddam Hussein and other dictators.   Beware any who might criticize him or disagree with him.  This gang leader is said to be super ambitious and wants the presidency of the US.   Think about him as president.   tRump will be nothing to how brutal DeathSantis will be.   Democracy will be dead under him as soon as he is sworn in.  He has done everything he can to kill it in Florida.  He has restricted voting as much as possible to just the ones most likely to vote for him, sometimes illegally.  He and his gang of thugs don’t care, they demand to rule.   Hugs

“You have people like Fauci saying that his lockdowns didn’t cause any permanent damage to any young kids. I got news for you. It did. And we’re going to reap those rewards across the whole country for years and years and years because they treated kids so poorly.

“And I’m just sick of seeing him. I know he said he’s going to retire. Someone needs to grab that little elf and chuck him across the Potomac.” – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, speaking today with Sen. Marco Rubio on his “Keep Florida Free” tour.

Aged Viking Nemerah S. • 14 hours ago • edited

In my youth, it would have been deeply shameful to threaten a frail and elderly (81) man with such violence. Him being small would have made matters worse.

Nemerah S. Aged Viking • 14 hours ago

Reminds me of when Gianforte punched a reporter and the far-right called him “strong” and “alpha”. It creeps me out.

HZ81 • 15 hours ago

Man who killed thousands of Floridians wants to hurt the man who helped save millions of Americans.

What a gross, small “man.”

Darreth HZ81 • 15 hours ago

You missed the foundation of his statement. He’s addressing EVANGELICALS. They’re violent and quite delusional. He knows they want blood due to their worship of a genocidal deity. I’m serious. That’s really what’s going on here.

2patricius2 HZ81 • 15 hours ago • edited

And some people think he may be the next Rethuglican nominee for president. No class. Crass and crude. Mean and destructive. Deadly. This is what the Rethuglican Party has devolved into. Who knows how much deeper into the sewer it will sink.

HZ81 2patricius2 • 14 hours ago

He’s just revolting. A perfect reflection of his party.

Give to Crist. Let’s get this fucker out of our lives.

heleninedinburgh • 15 hours ago

He wants to be Viktor Orban when he grows up.

Firecrown heleninedinburgh • 14 hours ago

He wants to be Viktor Orban when he grows up gets older. People like DeSantis never grow up.

Skeptical One • 15 hours ago

I still recall a time when you had to have a modicum of maturity to become governor of a state.

Chuck in NYC Skeptical One • 15 hours ago

Yeah, this is the smart aleck of 8th grade style rhetoric.

danolgb • 15 hours ago

Small problem with the GOP narrative, Fauci didn’t lock anyone down. He doesn’t have that power. The states locked down and it was democrat and republican governors alike.

Misutaa Roboto danolgb • 14 hours ago

Right? It’s almost as if DeSantis is a lying fascistic cunt who won’t let reality get in the way of his fomenting violence or something. Weird.

amy cuscuriae • 14 hours ago

What a horrid little violence promoting man Ron DeSantis is

AtticusP • 15 hours ago

DeSantis is just trying to out-asshole Donald Trump.

And nobody can do that because Donald Trump is the Emperor of the assholes.

Gigi • 14 hours ago

Maxine Waters told people to “get in the faces” of Republicans in public spaces like restaurants and shops. The right-wing went APOPLECTIC. “She’s encouraging violence!!!”

DeSantis encourages violence. Right-wingers are all: “Ya. Get Fauci!!!”

Nemerah S. • 15 hours ago • edited

The bizarre height-shaming shows me that these people are thugs who understand and value nothing but strength. Why is it even socially acceptable?

Firecrown Nemerah S. • 14 hours ago

It’s only acceptable to people who share the mentality of a playground bully, always punching down. I wouldn’t call that strength.

10 thoughts on “DeSantis Calls For Assaulting Fauci: “Somebody Grab That Little Elf And Chuck Him Across The Potomac” – JMG

  1. It’s truly amazing how so many politicians have more knowledge than those in the medical field … as if they too have multiple degrees in medicine and health. But what is even more scary is the number of people that believe them!!

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    1. Hello Nan. For years one of the medications I was on to help my muscle spasms was Soma. It worked great for me. I was on it for years. Then one visit several years ago I was told I couldn’t have it anymore because the state of Florida legislature in response to the pill mill issue had passed a bill saying that any pain clinic medical provider that proscribed soma and also a different (but common pain drug) if any patient died for any reason not even related to the drugs prescribed, that the doctors could be charged with murder. That law did not apply to any other doctors, just pain doctors because the state legislatures wanted to pretend they were tough on the opioid addiction. That sent me into months long pain filled trial and error to find a muscle relaxing medication that would work for me, and because it required monthly visits also increased my costs. Then in an ever-stricter attempt to seem on top of the opioid crisis these non-doctor politicians restricted the morphine levels people like me could take, which instantly raised my pain levels as the doctors decreased my medications. Then as now they tried to put me on Fentanyl, which I personally think is because morphine doesn’t bring in the money for the drug companies the newer drugs do. But the point is that elected non-medical people are making decisions based on their donations from lobbing groups on what drugs I can have to make my life OK and livable. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Yes! In a decent civil society that would be the response. Even two decades ago, maybe a decade ago even that would have been the case. But after trump where the thugs learned they could win by being even more thuggish, we now have elected republicans wanting to be the most gang leader thugs they can be. They attack the news, they attack any detractors, they are as thuggish as possible because the maga base loves that. The maga base is not interested in reason nor thought, they run on feelings and their wish is to be above, to own, those that for years they have felt that society kept them from insulting or acting against. They want to be the racist bigoted thugs out in public they are at home and tRump made that OK for them. Sick and sad but that is now the world we are in. The lowest common denominator of people are the driving force of one of the major parties in the US. We need all the help we can get. Loves and hugs.

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      1. Trump did, indeed, open the door and the snakes slithered in. Damn shame that a large portion of this country seem to find this new nastiness among politicians to be appealing. Daughter Chris and I were talking last night and we both agreed that if, somehow, Trump is re-elected in 2024, we will leave this country within a year. Canada seems the most likely … Chris is an RN, so that should help us. Meanwhile, we’ve started tightening our belts and trying to save money for that eventuality. I will not live in a nation presided over by a dictator without a conscience (or a brain). Loves ‘n hugs to you, dear friend!

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        1. Jill, I envy you your “potential” move. I’m quite sure such an action would be impossible in my household for two reasons: (1) my other-half, while detesting tRump, does support the “Republican” way so he would not have the motivation that I would; and (2) the biggest reason: I’m simply much too old to weather such a move.

          Let’s BOTH think positive that things will work in our favor!!

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          1. Nan … I think you’re about the same age I am, and if it were just me, I’d just jump off a cliff or something if Trump were re-elected. But, my concern is for my daughter and granddaughter and if it’s possible, I will upturn my life to get them to a place where they have a better chance at life than they would have here if the nation becomes an autocracy. I’m lucky, too … I’ve got the girls, but no “significant other” to try to tell me what to do! But yes, let’s both keep doing our best to help ensure this eventuality never comes to pass. I’d rather see Trump in a prison cell or a coffin than the Oval Office!

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              1. Heh heh … okay, Nan … you may have a year or two on me, but not many, I’m guessing. 👵👵

                Oh no … OH NO!!! If there’s one thing I’m sure of, praying ain’t gonna get us anywhere! We’d do just as well to don our tin hats!

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