Hate preacher warns congregation that gays will get you drunk & “into some weird junk”


People ask me why I post stuff said by these hate preachers.   Well I just posted about a school that shut down a student newspaper and ended the journalism courses simply because the paper respected the pronouns and asked for name of a trans person which got them punished, punished for being respectful, and in the last issue reported on the history of the LGBTQ+ people.   Simply having a story about the history of a group of people caused them to be canceled and the entire course of study removed!   Think about that.   The school administrators believe that just the mention of gay, lesbian, or trans people is so inappropriate that it must never be mentioned.    Being respectful used to be something people were proud of in young people, now if they are not mean and targeting of LGBTQ+ for abuse they are being too nice and must be punished.    It is because the school administrators believe most of what people like these hate preachers are saying, they believe the garbage that red state governors spout about how the LGBTQ+ are pedophiles and forcing kids to be gay or transition.   Teachers and other LGBTQ+ are forcing kids to be a different gender and sexual orientation even though we are the ones who use science to show that it is something we are born with and can’t be changed.  But these religious hate preachers say it, and the red state maga armed gang thugs enforce it.   That is why I post what they say and why I fight back against it.   If you cannot see how flawed and wrong what they are saying is, then they are reaching you and those around you.    It must be combated and fought against.   This guy has been banned from other countries because what he says is not acceptable in a civil society yet he is celebrated in the land of the free.     Hugs

Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson Photo: screenshot

A preacher known for his hatred of LGBTQ people warned his congregation that gays and lesbians want to get them drunk and then make them do “some weird junk that you have no desire to get into.”

“These people are going to take you down a dark path,” said Steven Anderson, founder of the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist movement and pastor at the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. He has been banned from 34 countries because of his hate speech.

“You start hanging around with a bunch of fa***ts and lesbians, you know what they’re gonna do?” he continued. “They’re gonna ply you with alcohol or ply you with drugs and they’re going to abuse you.”

“They’re going to molest you. They are going to get you into some weird junk that you have no desire to get into.”

“Stay away from them! They are evil, they are freaks, they are predators, they’re not reproducers they are recruiters, they are molesters, they are predators. Stay away from them.”

Anderson earned himself the reputation as one of the most anti-LGBTQ preachers in the country after he praised the Pulse nightclub shooter, calling the victims “a bunch of disgusting perverts and pedophiles” and “disgusting homosexuals who the Bible says were worthy of death.”

In the past, Anderson has encouraged his congregants to kill all gay people, calling it a “cure for AIDS.” He has also advocated for world governments to execute gay people.

His extreme hate speech has gotten him banned from dozens of countries, including all 26 of Europe’s Schengen states, Botswana, Jamaica, Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Australia banned him in 2020. In response, Anderson claimed that God punished Australia with wildfires because they were “banning and deporting preachers of the Gospel” so they were facing “the judgment of God.”

3 thoughts on “Hate preacher warns congregation that gays will get you drunk & “into some weird junk”

    1. Hello Roger. I have found in my years in the military that the guys who claim the gays will get you drunk and have sex, are the guys using that to hide their desire to have sex with other guys. I had sex with a lot of guys who were sober enough to know full well what they were doing who the next day talked about how drunk they were last night. Oh but the days of our youth. Hugs

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      1. Aye indeed Scottie.
        On that point, there seems to be a divergence in the genders here. When it comes to same-sex interactions by those who says they are essentially heterosexual-
        Women say they are ‘curious’ or ‘experimenting with their sexuality’
        Men seem to deny it or say they were drunk or on drugs or confused….or whatever else they can think of.

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