Yesterday … everything was going grand until yesterday …

Ron and James left Monday night for NC and then after a day + there they were going to NH.    I am at home taking care of the inside / outside cats and keeping everything together.   Tues and Wednesday were good days, pain under control, did my daily walk, got lots of posts done, got lots of comments done, figured I would finish up on Thursday.    But Thursday decided I needed to not be so cocky about things.   So I get up at 6 when my alarm went off to take my morning pain pills.   I got up and fed / watered both inside and outside cats, made coffee, cleaned the cat box, did all the morning chores.   Sat at the computer and started to catch up on blog stuff and news stories.   

I went for my walk which I did really well doing it, I think.   It is not the walk a lot of people would find taxing, but it is for me.  It is helping my weight, it is helping my blood work, it is helping my heart rate, but it does increase my pain.   So a trade off.   I will take it.   

Ron had tried to get everything I would need before he left including 4 pounds of hamburger.   Not sure if he thought I would be throwing a party.   But he forgot cat litter and can cat food.   I might have stretched the cat food but as I needed litter I decided to go to the local Publix store about 2 miles down the street.   I like the store, I am known there, and the people are very helpful.    For example they ask if you need help to take out the groceries you bought, and they will even load it in the car, which I admit I have had to let them do a few times but they wont take a tip for doing it.   If you ask where something is they will take you right to it, no just pointing or telling you, they stop what they are doing and find it for you.   We also use the pharmacy there.    

If you remember the day we were to vote I was doing so badly and so shaky I needed my walker.   Ron had wanted to stop at this store and get our flu shot as he wanted it before he went north.   But due to my condition even though I was willing he refused saying I was not doing welling enough.    I decided since I was there now I would get my flu shot.  I went to the pharmacy and the grand people there said Hello Scottie.   They used to call me Mr. Miller but as I called them by their first names why shouldn’t they call me by mine.  So I let them know it was OK.   I asked about the flu shot and they got me started on the paperwork.   I asked about the shingles shot Ron got, and yes I qualified for that also.  So I got that one also.   That is a two part set and I have to go back for the second shot on that one.      They asked about Ron, told you we were known there, not sure if it is a good or bad thing, but we both get a lot of medications and he picks up my pain medications for me, so they must know he is my spouse for that anyway.   

I got my shots and feeling quite proud of myself started picking up things I needed / wanted.    I want to just get some cat litter and cans of fancy feast food for Odie.   Ron gets the large size jug of litter, but I got two small ones.    But then I saw something I needed some of the outside dishes that work so well for feeding the outside cats.  They are shorted sided metal dishes with a rubber base.   Then I figured I had better get a different body wash.   For some reason all soaps / washes are causing my face to go red with it looking like I am a burn victim and it hurts.   I cannot put any cream or anything on it.  Got to see a dermatologist soon.  Another doctor.   For now I rinse the washcloth out as best I can and wash my face with cold water.   Not fun but neither is this face burn.   

Here are the pictures of my face yesterday, warning scary old man pictures.  


Long story short I had nearly $100 dollars of goods in the cart.   Got home and brought the groceries in. 

A couple of pictures of the cart.    


Then realized I had not eaten and I was hungry.   When you are dieting you shouldn’t cook or eat when hungry.   I made 2 pounds of taco meat for just my self.   I ate five of them.   Five large tacos.   And drank a couple glasses of milk.   I don’t normally drink milk due to the sugar content, but I was splurging like a kid.  

The taco stuff I made, I am going to be eating this for a while.  I don’t use cheese or sour cream like James and Ron do.   I like lettuce, meat, and lots of red sauce.   Also I add to the mix different seasonings while cooking to give it more flavor.  


I was over full, I was having the too much sugar and need to sleep effect, so after cleaning up the left overs I went to bed.   I woke up well into the evening.  Fed cats, did chores then went back to bed.   No comments replied to and none of the 12 open tabs posted.   Also it threw my medication schedules off.   

I woke up at 4 AM and I was in serious pain.   My right shoulder where I got the shots felt swollen.   I tried to go back to sleep and it was not happening.   I felt sore and crappy and Odie was on the bed wanting his breakfast.  Figures.   So I got up at five.   First thing I did was a glass of water and pain pills.    Then morning chores.   Now writing this.   Two hours later the pain pills are kicking in and I don’t feel too bad, wonder how I will feel after my walk.   Oh yes I an going to keep walking even if I have to take my walker.    Ron left it out in the family room for me.   Also I should be able to reply to the comments today, which I am looking forward too.   Hugs to all, Scottie

9 thoughts on “Yesterday … everything was going grand until yesterday …

    1. Hello Roger. Thank you. I am a big believer in vaccines and this discomfort is worth it to have the protection of the vaccine from Shingles and the flu. I just got to get in with a dermatologist to figure out why my face is burning so bad with soap. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes I am doing better, thank you. The thing is that I thought my face burning was an allergy but when I talked to my pain doctor, she said I needed a dermatologist right away. Ron has been told that he needs one also so we will pick one and both go to them. I have to figure this out, it is not only scary to look at, but it hurts a lot. The tacos were great, I really enjoyed them, but it blew up my diet. I do have adventures don’t I? Hugs

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    1. Hello Annie. Yes the shingles shot was painful. Ron’s shoulder swelled for a few days and hurt like heck for four days or so. Mine only swelled a little bit, and was only really sore for the next day. The day I got the shot it did not hurt, the next morning it was really sore, and the second day it was only a minor issue. Ron’s was worse than mine I think. But I have known people with shingles and that is seriously painful. I would rather have a sore arm for a few days than shingles. As to my face, I am not sure what is causing it. When it first started happening, I tried to put face cream and lotions on it, and that also burned my face. The soaps and washes that are for sensitive skin or that are hypo allergenic are even worse for me. So it is time for a dermatologist to get it figured out. Hugs

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