Democratic Mom STUNS at school board hearing with speech of the year

5 thoughts on “Democratic Mom STUNS at school board hearing with speech of the year

    1. Hello Nan. Ben is a contributor (and founder I think) of the same group that platforms the Texas Paul videos. How do you find his delivery and the spell check? While I don’t find him engaging if there is a viewer want to hear more from him, I can post more as he does a lot of their news reporting. Hugs


      1. Scottie, you know how I am about videos. Even with CC, I rarely watch them. I will say this … I like this guy FAR better than some of the other ones you post.

        Personally, I think almost ALL news videos contain too much commentary and/or personal “messaging.” I’d rather READ and form my own opinion. But that’s me.

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        1. Hello Nan. Thank you for sharing. And I am going to bed. Ron made me two grilled muenster cheese and ham sandwiches for supper. Love having him home. I ate one of them joyously and forced myself to eat half the other. I shouldn’t have done that. I must admit I simply cannot eat what I used to eat. Now I am going to bed. I am so tired I am struggling to avoid hitting my head on the desk. But I think tomorrow I will be able to catch up with all my comments and go back to visiting other people’s blogs. Yea! Anyway, best wishes. Good night and hugs.

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