We Asked Nice | Christopher Titus | Armageddon Update

10 thoughts on “We Asked Nice | Christopher Titus | Armageddon Update

    1. Hello Ali. I agree. Hard to argue. I just wonder why his cult cannot see this and why the government is so slow to nail him. Now his surrogates are threatening riots if we don’t let him off with these crimes. It is sickening, yet the republicans in congress support him. Why unless they want democracy to be destroyed. Hugs

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    1. Hello shelldigger. Yes! I do also. I cannot understand why the government went after reality winner and Snowden yet gives tRump and his cohorts a pass. Look at what they did to little Chelsea Manning and the extent they are going to get Julian Assange. So this makes no sense unless the Justice department really is scared of the republicans and their cult doing a civil revolt like Lindsey Graham is claiming they would do. Side note, every wonder what tRump has on him? Wow he fell faster than a house of cards stacked up. But think of that Graham is saying that even when we know that trump had documents that were not to be held outside a scif which is a Sensitive compartmented information facility, something the republican maga made a show of violating during the Mueller report hearings. Why is that not important to the America first crowd?

      I just read yesterday that trump took these super-secret documents with him to foreign hotels known to be under the control of enemy governments. WTF. Why is this not being reported and prosecuted? I understand that many of the documents he took cannot be openly mentioned but he took some of he took to the residency in the White House was missing and never returned! Were did they go? Hugs

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  1. Lindsay Graham saying “if the orange idiot is indicted, there will be riots in the streets,” is actually Lindsay Graham saying, “if the orange idiot is indicted, all you good ole boys with guns should riot in the streets.”

    You just have to read it like a beer swilling, tobaccer chewing, gun toting, sister fucking moron… AKA, a southern good ole boy, to understand.

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    1. Hello Shelldigger. Graham is frantic to not testify in the Georgia grand jury. He has carried this far further than even the Governor has. He has repeated the same filing over again after the court says he has to do it. Basically it is him whining he doesn’t want to please don’t make him, do you know who I am! So my question is how guilty is he. He is terrified he will have to testify against tRump and that will anger the maga cult god. He is clearly scared, but of what is the real question? Any ideas? Hugs

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      1. He knows he damn well pressured Ga officials to “find” the orange idiot some votes. His hands are just as dirty as the entire trumpanzee troop dedicated to overthrowing the gov’t.

        I hope they roast his ass.

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