Texas Releases A Christian Conservative Cellphone Company, “Patriot Mobile”

A Christian conservative cellphone company is breaching into school boards to spread their ideas and policies onto school districts. Jayar Jackson and Yasmin Khan break it down on The Watchlist. Watch LIVE weekdays at noon ET.


Read more HERE: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/…

“A little more than a year after former Trump adviser Steve Bannon declared that conservatives needed to win seats on local school boards to “save the nation,” he used his conspiracy theory-fueled TV program to spotlight Patriot Mobile, a Texas-based cellphone company that had answered his call to action.

“The school boards are the key that picks the lock,” Bannon said during an interview with Patriot Mobile’s president, Glenn Story, from the floor of the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, in Dallas on Aug. 6. “Tell us about what you did.”

3 thoughts on “Texas Releases A Christian Conservative Cellphone Company, “Patriot Mobile”

    1. Hello Muttpupdad. They seem to be doing just that. They are claiming their company is all directed to gain money to use to in their version of god’s name. In some red states like Texas churches have more power / authority than the real government. Seems like the two, church and state are the same in some US states. Here a group is using the revenue it makes as a public company to take over school boards in the state to push their Christian religion. Hugs


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