Carlson: Winters Proves Climate Change Isn’t Real – from JMG

Seems Fox is back to pushing that climate change is a hoax even as the signs of it are ever clearer.   Now Fox is the media arm for the Republican party and the Republican party is well paid (along with some democrats like Joe Manchin) by the fossil fuel companies to push the hoax line so those companies can make more money by lying to the public.   Hugs

“The Europeans have discovered that the real threat to human civilization is not global warming, it never was global warming. The real threat to people is global cooling, otherwise known as winter.

“Far more people freeze to death every year than die of heat. In 2019, for example, four times as many people died of cold as of heat. That’s according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

“So when temperatures in Europe begin to drop a few months from now, this is a huge problem and that will be obvious to everyone. It’s not global warming, it’s global cooling. That’s what’s going to kill your grandmother.” – Tucker Carlson, last night.


Ninja0980 • 22 minutes ago

The past five winters we’ve had temps last into the 40’s and 50’s well into December and January.
Any snowfall we get only lasts a week if that.
And when we do get cold, it’s of the extreme variety.
Not in the 30’s but in the single digits, which never used to be the norm but now is.
Where am I?
Syracuse, which used to be known for it’s snowy winters which are now a thing of the past.
My nieces and nephews are never going to know the snow piles where you could make snowmen that would last for weeks, sledding, tubing etc.
All they will know is temps going up and down with snowfall that will last a couple of days at most.
So yea Tucker, winter does prove climate change is real because we don’t have them anymore.

Gustav2 Ninja0980 • 17 minutes ago • edited

Because we figured out we would be in this home for the long term, about 10 years ago we bought a snow blower and used it several times a year. We would dig ourselves out and our neighbors. Now only once or twice a year.

We used to bemoan the huge “black snow” piles downtown weeks after a snowfall. Now even that is rarity. everything melts in the next day or two.

clay Ninja0980 • 19 minutes ago

When looking at plant growth in SE PA over the last 20 years (so it’s really climate, rather than just weather), our winter is measurably shorter, starting later and ending earlier by about a week on each end.

DevilDog • 39 minutes ago • edited

Tucker Carlson is paid well to spread disinformation and outright lies.


Ragnar Lothbrok • 42 minutes ago

Ah the snowball reference.
What a god dammed idiot.

clay • 31 minutes ago • edited

“In 2019, for example, four times as many people died of cold as of heat. That’s according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.”

He’s misinterpreting the article in the Lancet. It was 1) about weather, not climate; 2) about weather related effects on overall cause of death, such as heart disease, not about hypothermia and heat injuries; 3) clearly stating that their model (NOT observed reality) differs by climate region (as well as the health issues otherwise present in the population).

lymis • 27 minutes ago • edited

Global warming can and does, among other things, cause more severe winters, especially in specific areas. Didn’t you notice the frozen tundra of Texas the last couple years?

It’s about throwing the whole system out of whack, nimrod, not about it being warm outside.

clay lymis • 26 minutes ago

But if he can confuse weather for climate . . . he’s got his audience half way to immobility.

Eli Bradley • 33 minutes ago

2,000 people died this July in Spain and Portugal.

The FIRST named heatwave happened this year.

Get bent Tuckums.

Hryflex • 36 minutes ago

“It’s raining here in New York, so there’s no drought in the Southwest”. Same line of reasoning.

Ragnar Lothbrok • 26 minutes ago

1000 people drowned in Pakistan a couple days ago, you idiotic nut.

harve • 30 minutes ago

small message from europe to the moron tucker – our winters have become much milder over the last decade – I live where we once had good measurable snow and temps @ -10C. Now, no snow and low temps of -5C. why do you people give ant recognition to this con?

TampaZeke • 35 minutes ago

Stupid is dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as well paid willful ignorance!

I’m tired of explaining the difference between weather and climate.

Makoto • 26 minutes ago

Do any of his viewers know that ‘global’ means.. the globe.. and that winter in the north means summer in the south? So literally exactly not global cooling during winter in the US and Europe?

4 thoughts on “Carlson: Winters Proves Climate Change Isn’t Real – from JMG

    1. Hello Nan. Yes very true. But what he is doing is confusing his audience. His followers don’t want to think beyond what he tells them. They don’t want to look up or see the number of people who have died just in the US from this heat waves, not to mention around the world. They will just listen to what he says, agree with it, and repeat it. That is all he wants. It is not about being correct even when he is proven wrong. The reason he brings in the millions a year from Fox network is he draws the largest amount of people that the network can then sell advertising to. The only way we the people have to stop his misleading content and his lies is to stop the advertisers from buying commercial time during his show. Unfortunately the last time this was tried it was successful at stopping the advertisers, but the network subsides his show because he is such a draw. That is what we the people are up against, the liars with a big following and the truth which seems to be ineffective. Hugs

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      1. Yep. Obfuscation works well for that side. Same as they do about gun control; argue about what an assault rifle really is, or if one exists. Totally sidestepping killed people. Amazing how they do that …

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        1. Hello Ali. Yes you are correct. They use a tactic of starting with one point and then quickly switching to something totally different to confuse the viewers into having a wrong understanding of the problem. And it is frustrating is the way they do this misinformation, with such confidence and loudly claiming you know they are right. Making it seem like it is common knowledge the misinformation they are pushing. Hugs

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