MS Gov Declares Capital City’s Water Unsafe To Drink – from JMG

The Build Back Better plan that Biden tried to get passed had money for these types of projects to fix many of the utilities that people depend on, but the republicans and Manchin couldn’t stand the idea of the government doing something that helped the public, the people.   The republicans and Manchin only want the government to help the wealthy corporations gain more money like in the latest bill Manchin negotiated that required the offering of 2000 acers of public land to oil companies before one renewable project like a wind turban can be built on any public lands.   This is called the wealthiest nation on earth, but we cannot provide drinkable water to our people.   But we instead give all the money in the country to the wealthy, we fail to tax them while giving them rebates and tax breaks.    Back when the wealthy and corporations paid the largest amount of taxes it took to run the country, because they had the most money, this country did wondrous things building huge infrastructure projects that raised the living standards of everyone.   Now that the tax burden has shifted to the lower incomes that cannot afford the burden, the system is falling apart as there is no money for repairs.    I wonder if this is going to be used by republicans to privatize the water systems costing the people more and losing them the rights over the water resources.    Hugs

The Mississippi Free Press reports:

Jackson’s water system is failing and water across the city is entirely unsafe to drink, officials said at an emergency briefing Monday night. State leadership have warned all residents of Mississippi’s capital city to boil water before drinking or even brushing their teeth.

“We need to provide water for up to 180,000 people for an unknown period of time,” Reeves said tonight.

“Please stay safe,” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said at the evening briefing. “Do not drink the water. In too many cases, it is raw water from the reservoir being pushed through the pipes. Be smart, protect yourself, protect your family, preserve water, look out for your fellow man and look out for your neighbors.”

NPR reports:

Reeves said Monday night that he is declaring a state of emergency after excessive rainfall exacerbated problems in one of Jackson’s water-treatment plants and caused low water pressure through much of the capital city.

The low pressure raised concerns about firefighting and about people’s ability to take showers or flush toilets.

Reeves said that on Tuesday, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency will start distributing both drinking water and non-potable water in the city of 150,000 residents, and the National Guard will be called in to help.

Mississippi Today reports:

Jackson residents already have no or little water pressure, and officials cannot say when adequate, reliable service will be restored. The city water system has been plagued with problems for years, including tens of thousands of residents losing water between one and three weeks during a 2021 winter storm.

Jackson’s antiquated, poorly maintained water and sewerage system has seen recurring failures — including loss of water for much of the city for a month after winter storms in 2021. Federal authorities have issued warnings the system is at risk of failure and of harmful contaminant levels.

In a press conference on Monday to announce the Pearl River crested lower than expected and likely won’t bring widespread flooding of homes and businesses, Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba announced the city had to reduce pressure for the entire city water system because of infiltration of floodwater.

Fine GQP management of State resources. Indiana just gave tax payers a rebate rather than put it to the infrastructure or schools, or any number of things.

It’s been this way for a couple of weeks but since it’s a majority Black city, the racist asshats in MS government don’t care.

DevilDog • an hour ago • edited

Republicans: “There’s no such thing as climate change.”
Also Republicans: “Financial assistance from the Feds would be socialism.”
And Republican President Ronald Reagan: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

But now? “No one could have seen this coming. Help!”

Gustav2 DevilDog • an hour ago

Also Republicans: “Financial assistance from the Feds would be socialism. (But we will take the money anyway, Republicans in Congress will make sure we can spend it on what we please.)”

margaretpoa Gustav2 • an hour ago

We need money for a world class water system so we can upgrade our infrastructure and make it safe and reliable for years to come so we can apply a bandaid and then spend the rest on our richest residents.

HopeLeft margaretpoa • 20 minutes ago

Hey now, there’s the real chance that schoolteachers could see some of that money – in the form of handgun vouchers.

margaretpoa • an hour ago

Come on, what’s more important, a safe, reliable water source for poor and working class people or tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires? I think we know the answer every Republican, including Tate Reeves would give.

mikeiver Longpole • an hour ago

Oh yes it will be. Only spun to place the problem in the lap of the black mayor. The reality is simple and it was easy to see coming. They spent the last few decades differing maintaining and upgrading the systems while also under funding the water and waste systems. After the last 10 years they now know where the weak poi ts are in their infrastructure in both winter and summer seasons. They, being a red state, are so cash poor and under funded that they will only put a bandaid on this one and only with federal funds with their source in the blue states.

Oh, Parker • an hour ago

They’ll get handouts of government money like they always do, the vast majority of which comes from prosperous blue states And they’ll still sit back and smugly bitch about homeless people in California while taking that money.

Makoto • 2 hours ago

Extreme heat dries out the ground. Which pushes water into the air, which then comes down even harder than normal when conditions hit right. Which then can’t soak into the too-dry ground, so it flows into systems for getting water to people while mixing with sewage treatment and whatever else along the way.

Combine climate change with crumbling infrastructure, and what do people expect?

TexasBoy • an hour ago • edited

Mississippi received just $429 million for water repairs across the *entire state* from President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

And, uh, how much did they receive under the Trump administration after he promised super de duper infrastruture repairs?

Only a small fraction of that went to improving Jackson’s water system.

And how is it Biden’s fault that the rest likely went into the pocket of a prominant Mississippy Republican grifter?

Gustav2 • 2 hours ago

If only the Republicans they always support would have supported Infrastructure Week years ago.

Chris Baker Gustav2 • 2 hours ago • edited

Cut to the part where the R gov and legislature beg for federal financial aid, and meanwhile complain about federal spending and the deficit.

I would love to see, as a condition of getting financial aid, the Gov and State Legislature leaders had to accept one of those giant checks from Biden for a great photo op.

Longpole • an hour ago • edited

Brought to you by the guy who started the abortion bans.
Don’t the mothers carrying Fetuses need clean water?

unsavedheathen Longpole • 36 minutes ago

Not the ones living in Jackson, apparently, since its population is 83% African-american.

Card #ProChoice Stultus • an hour ago

Meanwhile, Tennessee is covering the state portion of car registrations for a year.

And the GQP rubes continue to fall for the paltry one-time handouts.

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