51% Of FL 10th Graders Fail English Proficiency Exam

The Florida Phoenix reports:

In Florida’s public schools, the 10th grade statewide English Language Arts assessment has been a crucial exam — kids have to pass it to get a standard high school diploma. But the 2022 spring exam results show that fewer than half of Florida’s 10th graders passed the ELA exam, troubling because students will be getting closer to entering the workforce or going to college.

Overall, 49 percent of 10th graders got a passing score of at least 3 on the spring ELA exam. In total, 202,900 10th graders took the exam, according to data from the Florida Department of Education. The school district with the lowest percent of passing ELA scores in 2022 was Jefferson County, located in North Florida, with only 15 percent of 10th graders passing the exam.

Read the full article. A score of 4 or 5 is required to show “proficiency” in reading and writing. Of note, the above-cited Jefferson County, which is majority white, is locally famous for having no traffic signals.


carswell • 2 hours ago

Good thing DeSantis is recruiting unqualified vets as teachers. That’ll fix the problem!

zhera carswell • 5 minutes ago

“You can’t read history books if you can’t read!”

Sister_Bertrille carswell • 2 hours ago

The bad teachers with no other options are staying while the good teachers are leaving.

friendlynerd carswell • 2 hours ago

They don’t want to fix the problem, having a dumb electorate helps them out.

Galvestonian carswell • 2 hours ago

Naaaaw, he’s pushing for more future Republican voters.

Bob_Barnes • 2 hours ago

This is how you create republican voters

Nic Peterson Bob_Barnes • 2 hours ago

Keep them dumb, poor, pregnant and steeped in hate for anyone that doesn’t look like them.

another_steve S_E_P • 2 hours ago

DeVos was a plant of the Religious Right acting through their puppet, Trump. Her goal was to destroy the public education system in America.

Much like the goal of another Trump hack — Louis DeJoy — is (“is,” because much to America’s peril he’s still in place) to destroy the U.S. Postal Service.

Adam Schmidt • 2 hours ago • edited

There hasn’t been a Democrat as Governor of Florida in over 20 years… this is entirely on Republicans and demonstrates, as Republican leadership tends to do over and over again, that Republicans cannot lead effectively. Republican led states tend to fail in every category whether it’s education, health, employment, average pay, or any other measurement you choose.

crewman • 2 hours ago • edited

DeSantis’ America: dumb, obedient (or else!) workers, serving a ruling class. In so many ways, that’s what the Confederates fought for.

JustDucky • 2 hours ago • edited

“Half of those kids can still read? Know what’ll fix that? Uncertified cops/veterans/veteran’s spouses teaching kids!”


Ninja0980 • 2 hours ago

The whole point.
Make them uneducated as possible and they’ll be at your beck and call.

Sister_Bertrille Ninja0980 • 2 hours ago

Yes. They won’t have the reasoning skills to see through their bullshit.

Palin= electile dysfunction • 2 hours ago

But the drag queens reading to kids are the real problem.

Bambino🌻 • 2 hours ago

Removing books from the libraries and barring drag queens story time do not help either.

15 thoughts on “51% Of FL 10th Graders Fail English Proficiency Exam

  1. Florida may be one of the worst, but I think it’s happening everywhere. Education is NOT what it used to be … and not just because certain subjects are being included and/or excluded. It’s for many, MANY reasons.

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes it is for many reasons. There have been attempts to destroy public education for 30 or 40 years. It is always under the guise of cut the budget, teachers get paid too much, the right did not like what was being taught, the religious people did not like what was being taught and so on. When charter schools first started it was all about getting around government requirements for what the students must be taught, it was a way to change the curriculum requirements. Basically to make trade schools. But it also gave scammers and churches a new revenue source. Also you had republican administrations like Governor Jeb Bush’s here in Florida to harm public schools, trump put Betsy Devos in as Education Secretary, and she was well known for trying to shut down and destroy public schools in Michigan. She wanted all schools to be religious church schools but to get there she wanted all public schools turned over to charter schools, no need for higher education for most kids, and trades taught with kids going to work as apprentices instead of going to school. I wonder why a multimillionaire religious fanatic would want all that? Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. I have to say I am interested in your opinions on schools and students. You should always feel free to comment as fully as you wish. Thank you for the link. The information is worth posting. DeathSantis is a bully thug. He is arrogant. He is someone that believes he can say whatever he wants but if someone says something about him or his staff he doesn’t like he goes ballistic. He is a complete authoritarian who has decided to rule Florida as a dictator. He doesn’t believe in democracy, doesn’t believe in the rule of law, he only believes he should be the ruler. His actions in Florida are as if he views the state as his personal kingdom, and that the Federal Government has no authority over Florida at all. I hope he loses his reelection but I fear the voter suppression and the fake election police he is pushing will cause him to win no matter what. Hugs

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      1. Well, I think I’ve probably posted those feels at least a time or two, so readers likely already know that I know how long conservatives/authoritarians have been working on this. I agree with Nan’s statement as phrased about certain subjects being included/excluded, and that there are many reasons for current failure. I’m thinking that me getting more specific about that and how many reasons I’ve seen and even for how long, that she and I would provide reasons that differ. No need for me to argue that stuff here. I’m also sure we’d agree on some of each of our reasons.

        But, here’s a thing. Believe it or not, the majority of my public school education was in Springfield, MO. We knew a lot about a lot of issues that concern people today regarding progress; the more things change, the more they remain the same yadayada. But, while we observed a moment of silence when Ike passed in 4th grade, in 5th grade we learned the actual history of Hawaii’s joining the US, as an example. (Shocking?) In my 8th grade year, the state leg passed a law that students had to pass a state-issued constitution test before they could graduate. You took one in 8th grade, one as a junior. If you did poorly (not pass/fail,) you took it again in your Sr. year until you passed it or had to repeat. We all did well; we’d been studying the Constitution in homeroom so far that year, and the teacher was a professor who gave a crap about accuracy. We learned the Constitution from the Constitution. In my sophomore social studies, an Auschwitz survivor brought filmstrips that had been confiscated when the camp was captured by Antifa forces. (He was a professor at SMSU, where public school teachers got better prices on their CEs.) And I passed that damn test with flying colors my jr. year even though I’d starting going out some. Also in my jr. year our Current Events teacher got us a field trip to observe a death penalty trial for which he was a juror. (Shocking?) Our leg had revived the death penalty law effective that year. We moved to KS in the middle of my Sr. year; the law allowed drinking 3.2 beer at age 18. I graduated well.

        I think we’ve seen things happening with public ed over the past years, so I wanted to point out that I got a lot from public ed when I went to school-in freakin’ MO-that just doesn’t happen anymore, gender policies, laws, dress codes, etc. regardless.

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          1. Hello Ali. Oh yes. The public school I went to for 7th to 11th grade had a wonderfully large learning center. It had all kinds of stuff and even a limited supply of LGBTQ+ which was interesting for that time, they had meeting and sitting spaces, newspapers and magazines, students could request books to be added, it was grand. My senior year of high school was at a Christian boarding school. They did not have a library and you were required to work half the school day. I can say the school was big on math and English / grammar, had a very true NASA scientist for the science teacher, but the main goal was pushing the church doctrine and creating adult church members from the heathen defective kids that were sent there every year. The primary goal was to learn bible, get lots of preached at time in, work half the school day at one of the places the church owned to make money or at the school itself. I did not learn much and spent most of my time singing and learning to play the piano, neither I really did anything with. Hugs

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              1. Hello Ali. As long time followers of me know I value information, I love learning. I think I would love to be a full time student for life. If I had the money and time I would be in every school program that I could do. I hate what is happening to the schools in Florida. I hated what the schools started to become under Bush the Younger, when it became test, teach the test, test again. All to take money from the most needy schools which tended to be (surprise) minority poor schools. So the took money from those schools and gave more money to well off school districts. But it has gotten so much worse then. Ron has family members that were teachers, and all of them have left teaching now. This last year was the end for the last teacher in the family. I am glad you are still available to the students when needed but I do worry about the entire school situation in the US. Hugs

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        1. And as I was obsessing over this, it occurred to me that I should point out that I think it’s fine that Nan and I could disagree on some things (I know we do!) I think Nan is someone I’d like to work with on issues we care about in common, and if she I were co-Supreme Commanders of the Universe, we’d run it so it’d be good for all of us.
          As to the libraries; once I read a book about a young woman having a hard time at home who moved into her school library. What an awesome fantasy that was-we had great libraries!

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        2. Hello Ali. I graduated from the 12th grade in 1981. While the schools I went to were OK I did not have any support for education at home and my education time was spotty. But what you say is true and I know because when James was in school in the 2000s, he would come to our home after school. And yes his parents insisted he go to a Christian school, where it seems teaching an alternative view of history and religion was the goal. He got no instruction on civics other than the US was founded by Christians for Christians to be a Christian country that churches should run by church doctrine. His view of history was so skewed and flat out made up, but he had to put that on the tests to pass even though he would spend afternoons learning the real history from Ron and I and on our computers. So what you are saying is true, education was better in the past. The right is and has been working hard to destroy public education and shift all education to private for profit schools that indoctrinate the youth rather than educate them. Hugs

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          1. Precisely. I am so verbose! But I wanted to give a little backstory to my views about schools. These days the kids get way more crammed into them in far less time, but there is no time for depth. Well, and then, there are the extra studies in crisis plans. sigh again.

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