Herschel Walker Thinks Inflation Sucks for Women Because ‘They Gotta Buy Groceries’


This guy is not fit to be in the US Senate.   Hell he is not fit to handle a credit card or check book.   Hugs

Herschel Walker, the former NFL running back hoping to become a senator for Georgia this fall, has put his foot in it… again. At a town hall and lunch for women on August 19 in Wrightsville, he said that inflation affects women more than men because “they gotta buy groceries.” In a clip from the event that re-surfaced this week, he listed crime, the economy, and gas prices as what he thought were the key issues for women. According to 13WMAZ’s coverage of the town hall last month, Walker also called “defund the police” a “dumb idea” and said about trans athletes, “You guys want your daughters to compete against me? I don’t even know why we’re discussing this.” He also told a 13WMAZ reporter that he was glad to see abortion rights being left to the states.


7 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Thinks Inflation Sucks for Women Because ‘They Gotta Buy Groceries’

    1. Hello Nan. Yes I think we all know the movie. But what is funny on screen in a chance to laugh at people being stupid, this is a guy that could very well end up in the US Senate offering up the laws and voting on how the rest of us must live our lives. So in this case I am a bit upset over his polling so well and higher than a well educated current Senator Warnock that has actually tried to do stuff for the state. What is wrong with the electorate in these states. Hugs


    1. Hello taurusingemini. I agree. It used to be a meme that Democrats kick their bad people out of the party and the republicans vote theirs into office. I just don’t get it anymore. More and more of the worst republican reality deniers are supported by the republican party, and they are running more and more only maga election deniers that are willing to do an illegal overturn of the 2020 election and pledge undying love to the maga cult leader trump can win in their primaries. It is sick, they are not promising any polices to help the public, to protect the people, but they are running entirely on their love of trump. That is until the primaries are over, then they scrub their web pages of all mention of trump, abortion, and anti-LGBTQ+ rights. They are trying to have it both ways. We must not let them. Hugs


    1. Hello Ali. YES! Had he gone on to mention a policy to help people buy groceries or some policy helping poor people would have been grand. But he has shown he clearly cannot think or reason that well. He clearly shouldn’t be in a position to be making or voting on laws for the country. But the republicans are only using him as a place holder for the R to try to trick the maga voters into voting for him. The sitting Senator is a smart black man who is also a Reverend but doesn’t use his religion to bash anyone and is using his position to help the state. The republicans are now trying to run a football success black person who clearly has mental health and anger issues, admits to being unable to control himself at times, while clearly has little ability to reason or think to replace the sitting Senator. WTF! This is the party of Marge Greene and Matt Gaetz along with the other online trolls. They make no laws, they work on no polices, their entire thing is being media trolls attacking the other side. Hugs

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