White nationalist: After School Satan clubs are an ‘act of terrorism’


What this guy is spouting is gaining traction all across the nation, not because more people are getting religious but because these type of assholes are pushing their Christian Taliban ideas backed up by the Republican political party and the violent maga brownshirt enforcers now enforcing a minority view on the public with little pushback from law enforcement.    Hugs

Dalton Clodfelter accused The Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves of indoctrinating kids… by teaching them compassion
White nationalist: After School Satan clubs are an 'act of terrorism' | Dalton Clodfelter rants about Lucien Greaves
Dalton Clodfelter rants about Lucien Greaves (screenshot via Rumble)

If white nationalist Dalton Clodfelter has his way, the United States will become a Christian theocracy and The Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves will be imprisoned for life for his act of “terrorism” by… offering kids an After School Satan program to counter Bible clubs.

During his show Tuesday night, Clodfelter, for some reason, rehashed a story from January about an After School Satan club at an elementary school in Moline, Illinois. In short, the club was an alternative to a Christian club the district had already approved. Parents were furious because they assumed something evil was taking place (which is not true), and several of them protested outside the school, but administrators had no legal right to refuse the Satanists’ offer and said as much to the press.

Clodfelter didn’t mention any of those legal details. Instead, he just played a four-minute segment from KWQC before launching into his beliefs about how we ought to live in a Christian nation. He said Christianity should be the “national religion” and that the religion should be taught (presumably as fact) in every school. He claimed, with a straight face, that the ASS club represented “indoctrination of children.”

Then he launched into a broader attack on religious pluralism… before literally threatening Greaves:

You see, I don’t believe that all religions are equal. I don’t necessarily believe that you should be able to serve public office if you are not Christian. I think if you are a Satan worshipper, if you are an atheist, if you are a Jew, if you are a Muslim, your interests do not equate the interests of the American people. You do not represent this country. This country was built on the backs of hard working Christian men, and what you are doing is simply an attack on faith.

I believe that we are going to take this country back and I believe that we are going to win. And when we do win, we will lock up The Satanic Temple guy, Lucien Greaves or whatever his name is, we will lock him up for attempting to indoctrinate children, because his plan is to destroy this nation’s morality. That is an act of terrorism and an act of treason.

Anyone who decided to indoctrinate a child into their false religion should be locked away forever for treason and domestic terrorism because they are destroying this nation from the inside.

Clodfelter’s arguments boil down to:

  • Non-Christians shouldn’t be in public office… violating the Establishment Clause and “No Religious Test” part of the Constitution.
  • Non-Christians “don’t represent” this country… when, by definition, they literally do.
  • The Founders were Christians… which is wildly inaccurate.
  • The mere existence of Satanists is an “attack on faith”… which is bizarre when you consider what the Satanists in question are attempting to teach.
  • Teaching kids compassion and empathy and humility and honesty and respect would “destroy this nation’s morality.”
  • Offering an explicitly non-Christian alternative to an after school Bible club is an “act of terrorism and an act of treason” and should be punished with a life-long prison sentence. (Technically, treason is punishable by execution, though he didn’t say that.)

It’s just Christian extremism, full of lies and threats, with no discernible pushback because he’s speaking in a right-wing bubble.

Despite that, Lucien Greaves laughed off the threat in an email to me:

I’m not familiar with this little Dalton fellow in the video, and I suppose that my immediate concern should be whether or not he’s attached to violent radicals, as he’s calling for me to be tried for treason. But, to be honest, it looks too much like a campaign video made by a kid running for middle school class president to be intimidating.

Poor Dalton tries to strike a commanding presence, but it is all too obvious that there is nothing that he doesn’t fear, as he fears what he doesn’t understand. But who knows? Maybe he’ll grow up and start experimenting—reading novels, eating “exotic” foods—and Dalton will start to appreciate, rather than fear, the unfamiliar world around him.

If not, I’m sure that when he and his friends come to arrest me for treason they’ll be wearing adorable little matching hats. 

The problem with extremists like Clodfelter isn’t usually the guy himself, but rather what his followers may do. Here’s hoping no one’s listening.

14 thoughts on “White nationalist: After School Satan clubs are an ‘act of terrorism’

  1. I am SO GLAD I left these idiotic brainwashed idiots in the dust when I left Christianity. I’m just sorry they’re still screaming their amentia to the general populace.

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    1. Hello Nan. I am also glad you found your way out. I wonder how many churches are religious but not nationalistic? Has there been a large increase in Christians who believe in theocracy rather than democracy? Or has it always been there and only now is it more acceptable to talk about it? Hugs

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      1. I can’t speak for churches as a whole related to this issue. I can say the church I attended was pretty much focused on the “holiness” of the individual. While “Republican” was the “acceptable” party –and church members were encouraged to vote accordingly– at the time I was attending, it was not a prime issue.

        And quite frankly, even today I don’t think it is as big an issue as the press makes it out to be. Yes, there are some churches that definitely mix politics and religion, but not every denomination does this.

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        1. Hello Nan. That was the way it was in the time I was involved with the SDA church. Everything was about your walk with god, your personal journey which included following the church doctrines and paying all your tithes and donations. This was back in the late 1970s and ended in the late 1981 for me when I went into the military against the wishes of the church elder who paid for my year of schooling at the church school. They had decided I was going to become an SDA Pastor and I knew as a gay guy that would end in disaster for me. Hugs

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  2. I don’t know. Looking in from the outside, teaching kids compassion and empathy and humility and honesty and respect would destroy America’s morality…

    … And replace it with something much better.

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    1. Hello Barry. 😀😃😄😉 Thank you, I enjoyed that. But it seems weird that in the US today it is necessary to explain to these people that teaching kids to be nice to others along with everything you mentioned is a good thing. The problem with most of these people who freak out about the Satanic temple is the name Satan. They know nothing about the group or their beliefs. They make an assumption because they use the name Satan they must worship the devil. A quick glance at the web site shows they are not religious at all, they are about science and treating other people with respect and dignity. I love what they have on their about page.

      The Mission Of The Satanic Temple Is To Encourage Benevolence And Empathy, Reject Tyrannical Authority, Advocate Practical Common Sense, Oppose Injustice, And Undertake Noble Pursuits.

      The 7 tenets are pretty awesome I think. https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/about-us Best wishes. Scottie

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  3. What Nan and Barry say. I’d like to toss in then that I really feel that all these “Christian” victims ought to check the definition of “faith.” I’d say they have little to none if their faith is so easily overcome.

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      1. Oh, I can go off about them feeling their faith is under attack, that they have to do certain things that hurt certain other people to try to make God bring the End and send Jesus back, about worshipping their Bibles instead of reading them, and all of that. It makes me wonder if they really believe in God, because why would God need us to do anything-especially hurt other people-to protect Him? He’s God! For pete’s sake.

        But I’ll stop there; that’s the gist. And, agreed, all churches don’t preach or teach that.

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        1. Hello Ali. All great points. I often feel that way about blasphemy laws. If god is so powerful and his book sells so many copies, why would god need such mortal laws to protect it? Hugs

          OT. Before I got into the SDA church I developed a crush on a local boy that his family was big in the SDA church. One day we were playing tennis on the town tennis courts and a snot nosed bully came up to pick on him and try to beat him up. With my background I had learned to fight and I quickly took care of the bully and he ran off. My friend was angry at me. I had just saved him from getting beaten up by a bully and he was mad at me? We were 14 at the time. He told me his god was protecting him, so he did not need me to hurt others on his behalf. I wish I knew as much then as I do now because I would have asked how he knew his god had not put me there to protect him. I really think what he was upset about was he was a little guy and he was embarrassed that he needed me to stand up for him. Anyway just a story about how strong some people think their god is that doesn’t work out. Hugs

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          1. That is a great and true question you have that you would have asked. Some Christians even enjoy an old joke about people having expectations of some sort of glory when they need help.

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. That depends on who is running the clubs. 😀😁😄😋😋

      But yes that is what they will claim if it is a club they don’t like. I remember years ago there was case where a local church was sponsoring an after school good news bible club. The Satanic Temple sued to also hold an after school club. The school got rid of all after school groups, all of them, rather than let the Satanic Temple have one. Hugs

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