Young trans man left in coma after being brutally attacked at Pride

Need I repeat again that the constant hate preached by the right against the LGBTQ+ and that includes trans people.   This kind of anger and hate doesn’t spring up naturally, it has to be taught and reenforced.    You want to save LGBTQ+ lives, correct any hate speech you feel safe to do so, including online.   Don’t spread the lies, and where you do see them leave the truth which will clearly debunk the lies.    The lives of LGBTQ+ people trying to just live their lives are lives you could be saving.    Hugs

A flag laid out with stones at a vigil for the young trans man attacked during Pride celebrations

A flag was laid out at a vigil for the young trans man attacked during Pride celebrations. (Twitter/ TransgenderGER)

A 25-year-old trans man remains in an induced coma after he was attacked at the Christopher Street Day Pride celebrations in Münster, Germany.

On Saturday (27 August), more than 10,000 people gathered in Münster city centre to speak out against discrimination and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

When one attendee, intent on spreading hate, began hurling homophobic abuse at two women, Malte, a young trans man, stepped in to defend them, reports German publication Männer Media.


In response, the attacker began punching Malte in the face, knocking him to the ground and beating him until he was unconscious.

According to the local trans support group Trans-Inter-Münster, of which Malte was a member, he was rushed to hospital where he underwent several operations and was put into an induced coma because of a brain haemorrhage.

“He’s had it hard enough in his life so far, and now this,” the group posted to Facebook.

“We are thinking of him and really hope that he does not have any lasting damage, but hopefully this trauma will not bring him down either. We hope the person who committed the crime gets his just punishment.

“According to the latest information, he remains in a critical condition and is so seriously injured that if he were to survive, there is a high probability of serious [neurological] damage.”


According to German reports, police have not yet identified a suspect and are appealing for witnesses.

‘A politically motivated crime’

A police spokesperson said witnesses described the attacker as being aged 18 and 20 years old, wearing wide-cut jeans and a bucket hat. After beating Malte, he fled with another man of a similar age.

The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany, the country’s largest LGBTQ+ rights organisation, said in a statement: “The Münster police and the police state security must quickly clarify this transphobic act of violence and classify it as what it is: a politically motivated crime.

“When our community isn’t safe even on Christopher Street Day, it shows how much anti-LGBTIQ* hate crime restricts our freedom.


“Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, non-binary and queer people have a fundamental right to live freely and safely. It is the duty of the state to guarantee and protect these fundamental freedoms.”

On Sunday, a vigil was held for Malte in collaboration with local LGBTQ+ organisations and businesses, with queer Christian groups leading a prayer.

A trans Pride flag was laid out in his honour, held down with specially decorated stones, “as a sign that someone is thinking of him”.

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