Right-wing Troll Causes Bomb Threat at Children’s Hospital

Authorities are investigating a bomb threat on Boston Children’s Hospital, which has faced a harassment campaign from Libs of TikTok for providing gender-affirming care to trans youth. Ana Kasparian discusses on The Young Turks.

Read more HERE: https://www.mediamatters.org/libs-tik…

“Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik pledged to redouble her attacks on hospitals providing trans people with health care, she wrote in a rant on her Substack in which she called gender-affirming care “mutilating the body.”

Raichik’s recent efforts against Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s National Hospital in D.C., and others have led to violent threats against health care providers and at least one request for help from law enforcement. Libs of TikTok has fallen silent on Twitter for the first time in weeks as a result of a suspension for violation of the platform’s rules against hateful conduct.

The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz reported on Sunday that Libs of Tik Tok had earned a seven-day suspension. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the suspension in a statement to Media Matters, saying that “we took enforcement action against the account … for violating our hateful conduct policy. The account was placed in read-only mode for seven days.”

6 thoughts on “Right-wing Troll Causes Bomb Threat at Children’s Hospital

  1. 7 days. Yeah, that’ll teach her.
    I’ve seen this story everywhere (except network TV news) today, and nobody likes what she’s doing, from what I’ve seen. I don’t go to the RW sites, though; only where I usually read. I also catch headlines in a stream on my phone, where I’ve seen it. I only read GoComics and soap news on my phone, though. 😉

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    1. Hello Ali. I understand and please be careful of your safe places. I do go to right wing sites, and I use to go to the right wing cartoon sites and they are incredibly toxic. I would get into never-ending arguments about reality itself with these people. I stopped when I realized that to keep arguing with these people was not only futile but hurting me also. But to her 7 day suspension it is important as it will start a paper trail of her violating terms of service to get her kicked off these platforms so she cannot activate an army of haters to attack children and those helping them. Hugs

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  2. A darker skin tone and another approach to the Abrahamic Religion and those who currently support her would be howling for her to be measured up for an orange jump-suit and sending to Guantanamo Bay.
    A terrorist threat is a terrorist threat.
    Nasty little person.

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    1. Hello Roger. I agree entirely. Religious terrorism doesn’t matter what the faith behind it is, it is still terrorism caused by religious beliefs being forced on those not of that religion. Yes she is a nasty person because she had no feelings for anyone who disagrees with her or what she thinks. She is against trans-people and the entire LGBTQ+ community and she is rabid in trying to hurt them, but she never really says why. She recently released a video where she wanted LGBTQ+ students put in separate classrooms from other students. She claimed it was the same as separating mentally impaired students from the rest of the students, which she claimed was so it wouldn’t embarrass the impaired kids. What a jerk, but I am not sure why she is such a jerk. But it is interesting that I read this week that her tweets and her misinformation is promoted in Russia. Hugs

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      1. That would not surprise me. Russia found a rich mine in those who loathe Democrats and Moderates so much they would side with anyone who holds the same views.
        The irony of seeing MAGA folk waving a Russian Flag and dancing as their strings are pulled.
        What would Joe McCarthy have said…Oh the irony.
        All Putin would have had to done is settled into play the long game massaged the Useful Idiots fermented even worse division in the USA and Ukraine would have slipped back into the fold.

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