BREAKING: Federal Court UNSEALS Trump Mar-A-Lago Search Inventory List

The federal court in the Southern District of Florida just unsealed the more detailed inventory list of items seized from Mar-A-Lago during the search on August 8. In addition to showing hundreds of top secret classified documents that Trump stole, it also shows folders with top secret classified markings that are empty and apparently missing records.

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Federal Court UNSEALS Trump Mar-A-Lago Search Inventory List

  1. I like this guy’s style. Very straight-forward, no “oh-my-gawd!” emotion, simply goes over the facts.

    Even so, as in my nature, I only listened/watched the beginning since I’d already READ about the information.

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    1. Hello Nan. The difference in people. There is something about the guys tone and delivery that makes me watching him lose interest in just a few minutes. He might have great information, but he doesn’t keep my mind engaged on the facts. The guy from the Humanist Report is the same way. Love the content he talks about but struggle to listen to him. I have to force myself not to click off him. But his content is correct, and he has a large following. It is funny that the two hosts I struggle to listen to are the two you have said you like the videos they do. 😀🤔 Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. Sadly even then there was no “Just the facts, ma’am.” Everything a person says, everything they see, everything they repeat, everything they watch is colored by their perspective. I have posted before about how bad witness testimony is. Ask six people at the scene of an accident and you get five different versions. Ask people the kind of car that raced away and they will give you all different makes, models, and colors. How many times now are we seeing eyewitness identifications being found to be totally wrong? For me the only defense of that is to watch different reports of the same story, read different reports of the same issue. Because the reporters offer their own bias or even report to their limited ability. I don’t have the same critical analysis ability as some people I watch. I don’t have the life experience of Beau, I don’t have the resources of Cenk, I don’t have the clear ability to reason things out as quickly as Sam Seder. Plus as I have been seeing on the science channels I watch our understandings of our world change as we learn new facts. Added information changes what we think or understand. Hugs


          1. Added information changes what we think or understand. — I agree. But the simple truth is that the source of the “added information” is often filtered by our prejudices as well.

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