Trump HUMILIATES himself with dumbest statement possible at rally

11 thoughts on “Trump HUMILIATES himself with dumbest statement possible at rally

  1. It utterly BLOWS MY MIND that these idjits who support you-know-who are so completely BLIND (and deaf) that they can’t recognize the straight-out fallacy of his claims! The Pot is TOTALLY calling the Kettle BLACK … and it goes right over their heads.

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    1. Hello Nan. What you said is spot on. Every crime he accused Hillary of he did. Everything he accused the Democrats of doing, he did. It is really crazy that not only do his cult followers not understand that but that the rank and file republicans don’t see it. It drives me crazy these days trying to deal with them. They don’t seem to understand or acknowledge the clear danger to national security this is. Their big issue is the FBI put them on the floor to make tRump look bad. That is not what is making trump look bad, he shouldn’t have them in the first place. But even worse is the ruling by his unqualified judge flunky who made a ruling to please her boss trump that has not only no bases in law, but actually goes against the privilege claims ruled on by the SCOTUS. If her ruling stands, we have effectively done away with equal justice in the US and are officially a banana republic. If you want to understand how seriously the matter is being looked at by other governments watch the Beau video I posted today. Hugs


      1. No … no beau video watching for me.

        From some of what I’ve read, that judge’s ruling COULD be overturned. Or at least modified. Not sure how … but apparently there’s some possibility.

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        1. Hello Nan. While I want to see the DOJ appeal and shove this trump stooge judge into a hole, the lawyer shows I watch warn that because of the way trump stacked the court with McConnell’s help the court they have to appeal to has 7 trump appointed judges, and only 4 other judges. The chances of getting a panel of total trump hacks is really high. Then where does it go, to a Supreme Court where they have clearly shown that they are anti-democrats and pro-trump majority. The problem is while the order the judge made is pure garbage, it really now only applies to this once case, but if the DOJ appeals the SCOTUS could make it binding law for the future. Think if what trump is claiming is true, that a prior president can keep a current president to any and all intelligence documents from their presidency by claiming they are his and privileged. It really stops the government from functioning, which is what a lot of these hard right religious people want.


  2. Brrrr. It’s chilling what is bound to come if he continues these displays. And, I keep seeing the signs, and I’m with Nan-what do these “maroons” think they’re going to save America from? I’d like to keep America safe from them, of course. Brrr. It doesn’t seem that Trump has the capacity to be humiliated. He oughta be, but his pattern does not support the hypothesis.

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    1. Hello Ali. tRump cannot be embarrassed nor shamed. He is so far in his own reality he is the hero at all times in his mind, he is so deluded in his mind / reality he is correct, he is the best, he is the greatest, he is the smartest, and nothing will ever change that. He is also always the victim because the rest of the world doesn’t agree with his delusion so he feels the world is attacking him, the hero in his mind / story. Hugs

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  3. Just wondering……
    Is any dedicated journalist pouring through the evidence to enable them to prepare a very short piece titled ‘Intelligent Things Trump Said’?
    Meanwhile the WHAHoos continue to play with this, their bargain basement action toy.

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    1. Hello Roger. Sadly there is very little independent news and even less left wing news sources in the US. Almost all media is owned by large corporations and most right wing misinformation media is funded by right wing big money. So for a long time trump has benefited from that. Even now a right wing billionaire bought a large stake in CNN and is taking it hard right. Several hosts who have been openly critical of the network or trump have been fired, and it has come out this shareholder wants CNN to be Fox lite, a hard right media arm of the republican party. The US is looking at the end of real news in the US soon. Hugs

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      1. That’s a shame Scottie.
        Independents will rise, and news feeds will continue.
        I recall from a low budget film of the 1940s (can’t member the title, one guy saying:
        ‘Don’t believe all you read in the paper bub,’
        That will not go away

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        1. Hello Roger. Even our founding fathers understood the importance of independent news being in the hands of the people. They thought so much of it they put it in the constitution they were writing. Sadly, corporate greed has destroyed how news is covered and delivered to the people. Corporate need for profit is destroying the US and all it could be. But those that shout the loudest about how we must honor the founders are the same ones trying to destroy the country those same people were trying to build. Hugs

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          1. There has always been an underlying theme that in having an agenda; be it owner based or politically driven by staff newspapers have a bias. It is up to the reader to factor that into their reading.
            This is where the threat lies, is when the media outlets start to produce what they think their sector of the public want to hear, because it sells. Add to this the availability for extremists of any stripe to push their views through the internet and you have a toxic mix.

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