Trump’s UNHINGED lies FACT-CHECKED during Pennsylvania rally

Donald Trump’s deranged rally in Pennsylvania devolved into a fascist circus of lies, hate, and division. Francis Maxwell shows how you fact-check a liar.

9 thoughts on “Trump’s UNHINGED lies FACT-CHECKED during Pennsylvania rally

  1. the only thing that Trump wins at is inciting the masses, and there’s still that group of zombie voters who are, following him down that cliff, and he is, totally, DELUSIONAL! And, if the U.S. citizens vote for him, well, America would definitely, need G-O-D all right!

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. Yes you are correct. tRump has made a lifetime of doing crimes and scams by being totally shameless and completely delusional. He really does live in his own reality. How he has managed it I cannot figure. If his father had not been so wealthy and given him so much money, if his family had not bailed him out when he was at the lowest point in his life, if the mobs in the US and then Russia had not started using him for money laundering trump would be on a street corner yelling at traffic or selling used cars trying to scam people. Hugs

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  2. “Unhinged” is a word that is used often when defining the words and temperament of the former president. It is why numerous books cite staff and colleagues walking on egg shells around their tempestuous acting boss. Maybe the news should be when he does the opposite. “Calm, rational Donald Trump offers data to support his claim.”

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    1. 😉 “Maybe the news should be when he does the opposite. …”
      Absolutely. That’s a thing so many people have wanted to happen since the grab ’em tape.

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      1. Hello Ali. While I think it would be the best thing for the country if no media ever broadcast anything that trump says. Sadly that it will not be so. He has always managed to get his voice heard even when he would call reporters pretending to be other people to brag on how great trump was. Yes he did that. Imagine a president of the US used to call up reporters using a fake name to brag about how great he was. How far the standards of that office has fallen now that trump sullied it. Hugs

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        1. Ah, yes. The illustrious John Barron, for whom Trump named his youngest son, it appears. (snarky snork) Totally OT, but I’ve got a link here I just ran across about blue dragons: . Yesterday I read some science I wanted to share, but I didn’t want to wear you out further. I’ll see it again, and post it later. I hope you’re feeling better!

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          1. Hello Ali. I went to bed last night at 5:30 PM. I am just very tired the last few days. My back is really bad because I went from steroid shots every month to trying to go two months. It simply is not going to work. But I will get it worked out. Blue dragon sea slugs are pretty, if rather dangerous. Thanks for the article. Hugs

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    2. Hello Keith. No matter how you slice it, trump being elected to the highest office in our country will forever be a stain on the US and its people. Right now with those documents being unsecured for a year and trump being allowed to just walk off with them has other countries wondering again how much of their secrets they should share with the US after trump in office was notorious for telling the Russians Israeli secrets, and Kushner told the US intel on who we knew in Saudi Arabia did not support prince Bone Saw. We know countries pulled back sharing intel especially Australia which led to one of the famous fights trump had with a foreign leader. On the world stage trump was never accepted as an equal as other US presidents were. I have to admit I think there should be some asterisk or other mark next to trump’s name every time he is mentioned in history books. That this mob supported buffoon was a US president will forever degrade the office, especially coming after President Obama. Does it show how I really feel about trump? Hugs

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